Rights and Copyrights

No matter how skilled and talented a filmmaker you are, there is no way to avoid it: You have to know about rights and copyrights in relation to film. To make a film, you have to make sure that you have the right to shoot and to screen the film at a festival or in a cinema (even the smallest student film festival or the tiniest cinema). You have to be able to prove that the copyright is in order.

As a student at the European Film College, you will be given an overview of rights and copyrights in a film production. Whether you plan to apply to a film school, to work in a production company or to follow your own personal path into filmmaking - rights and copyrights will be part of it, and this is why the teachers at the European Film College will guide you in these matters.

All films made at the college need to be produced according to the regulations and laws of rights and copyrights. This ensures that European Film College fiction and documentary films can be used for TV screenings, festival screenings, film competitions etc.
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