Projects at the European Film College

During the 8½ months film foundation programme our students will do a series of different projects:

Five Stories

Five Stories is a team-building exercise, centered around filmmaking. During Five Stories you will have the chance to briefly experience the role of a director, writer, camera person, producer, sound person and actor, while getting to know your new fellow students better. You will in other words try the various functions of a film crew through a very intense and fun introduction period.

Course Films (3-minute films)

After each basic course period in the autumn semester you will make a film. You will work together with students from the other courses and you will each work in your previous course field. The aim is to practice knowledge and skills taught during the courses and to work on one common vision together with a crew. An evaluation of the process and the product will conclude each film.

Creative Documentary – 10-minute films

During the 8,5-month programme, students also get the chance to make documetaries with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. There will be no restrictions on theme or style, but there must be some real world element. Students can work with: mixing fiction and documentary, dramatic re-enactments, animation, archive footage, voice over, sound, music, interviews, cinema verité, or any style you like. Students will hand in written proposals and around 16-18 projects will be selected. The projects will be tutored throughout all stages and will conclude with evaluations. Students will organise the crews themselves.

Indie Films

The Indie Films are outside the curriculum. Students prepare them in their spare time and shoot during allocated weeks, given that their proposals are greenlit. Here you have every chance to experiment and take creative risks. Play with the medium; challenge yourself and your crew.
Students hand in a project proposal, which will be assessed to see if the project is ready for production before green lighting by the EFC faculty. Students organise the crews themselves.

Final Film

The Final Films will conclude the students' 8½ months stay at the EFC. The maximum length of a Final Film is 12 minutes, and the films vary in genre and style.
Students are invited to hand in original scripts and proposals. Out of all submissions, app. 17 projects will be picked to go into production. All students take part in making the projects selected for Final Films. Tutoring and coaching by the faculty and guests from the film business will be available throughout the process. Students will organise the crews themselves.

NOTE: Because we are a dynamic place in constant development, the detailed content of the curriculum as well as the projects are subject to changes every year.
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