Residence Permit and Visa

European Film College accepts film students from all over the world. There are, however, different requirements, depending on your citizenship.

Scandinavian citizenship
You do not need a visa to study at European Film College. You just need to be registered at the municipality, which we will help you to do after you arrive at European Film College.

Citizens within the European Union (except Scandinavia)
You will need a residence permit to study at European Film College, but if you are accepted at European Film College, we will get in contact with you and guide you through the procedures.

Citizens from outside the European Union
As a rule, citizens outside the European Union will need a full visa before they enter Denmark. Therefore you need to apply for our film foundation programme by February 1st, so you have time to process your visa and residence permit. We will guide you through the procedures.

There are, however, exceptions, so If you are in doubt as to whether you need a visa, don't hesitate to contact our Student Administrator, Susanne Brandt by .

IMPORTANT: National Danish Health Insurance
When your residence permit/registration is final (this can take up to a few months after your arrival at the college), you will receive a Danish health insurance card and are hereafter covered by the Danish National Health Insurance up until your departure.

However, you are not covered until your residence permit is confirmed. If you are a EU citizen, you will therefore need to bring your blue EU health insurance card, and if you are not a EU citizen, you will need to make sure to take out a private health insurance to make sure that you are covered in case of illness until your residence permit is final. If you do not do this, you will have to pay for any contact you may have with the Danish health care system.
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