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Below is our online registration form. Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the form.

Dear potential student

Please take care when filling out this on-line registration form so we get all the information required - therefore please double-check all entries for spelling mistakes etc. You cannot save the uncompleted application, so please have all attachments prepared and ready.

Please be aware that your session only lasts 20 minutes, so if you take longer than that, you will time out and need to start over!

If you experience that the page crashes when you submit, you most likely attached files that are too big (see the list below)!

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from us shortly after you have submitted your registration, we most likely didn't receive your registration, so please call us immediately or send us an e-mail at info| if you don't receive a confirmation e-mail.

You will need to attach:

1. A personal letter of motivation IN ENGLISH with a length of approx. 1.5 pages. In this letter we would like you to specify your main field of interest, when it comes to film, if you have one (directing, screenwriting, editing etc.). We would also like to know your reasons for applying to this particluar college, your expectations for your stay at the European Film College, and your plans for your future education and occupation. We would also like to know about your previous experience, creatively and workwise, if you have any. Please submit as a PDF file (max size app. 1MB)

2. A recent picture of yourself – please submit as a JPEG file

3. A CV IN ENGLISH with a maximum of 2 pages – please submit as a PDF file (max file size app. 1MB)

4. A visual representation of who you are, what is important to you. It could be a film (max. 3 min.) a series of photos, a drawing, a collage, etc. It has to be your own work, if you make a collage it can consist of other artists work (PDF max file size app. 20MB). IMPORTANT: if you submit a film, please do not submit it as a file, but upload to YouTube or Vimeo and send us a link and password (if needed).

School Year and Citizenship

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Registration deadlines
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