How to apply

Application criteria

There are only two formal criteria for acceptance at the European Film College. You must be at least 18 years old and you must be able to follow lectures and do assignments in English (which is also why both your CV and motivation have to be in English).

Apart from this it is up to the college to decide on admissions, on the basis of how the application form has been used in each case. We look for commitment, personality and potential, and we aim towards an equal distribution of gender as well as a diverse mix of different nationalities and cultures. We are, however, also bound by the Danish folk high school law to always have at least 50% Danish students at all times.

The application

Besides the application form (link below) you need to also submit other things, such as a CV, motivational letter, visual presentation etc. You can read the details about the requirements when you go to the online application.

Application deadlines

The application deadline for the 2018-19 programme was April 1st 2018. However, feel free to send an application for our waiting list, as we may experience some cancellations over the summer (in case of a cancellation, we look at the entire waiting list in order to create diversity in our student body - it's not first in, first served).

Important: For applicants needing a full visa for entering Denmark, the application progress is longer, due to processing times at the Danish Immigration Service. See here whether you need a full visa to enter Denmark.

Next film foundation course starts on 27 August 2018.


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