The Campus

The European Film College is a great place for living and working. It is surrounded by Denmark's beautiful nature, with plenty of opportunities for both filming and outdoor life. The main buildings, student dorms and teachers’ apartments are all situated on campus, creating a very social and intense atmosphere.

Students at the European Film College live in four different houses with a total of 52 double and 16 single rooms. We try to couple students in the double rooms so that Danes mix with other nationalities. There are both female and male rooms on each floor, bur always only one gender per room.

The houses include common rooms, some used for teaching, other used for student lounges/bar.

Dorm facilities
There are two washing machines and laundry dryers in each of the student houses. You can buy washing cards at the office. Every house includes a cleaning room, where you can find vacuum cleaners and cleaning-supplies, since you are responsible to keep your own room and the corridor clean and tidy.

Each room is equipped with beds, bedside tables, desks, chairs and closets. Each room also has a bathroom with a shower and toilet. All rooms have Wi-Fi, so if you have a laptop or computer, we encourage you to bring it.

All students live on campus as well as the Principal and most of the teachers.

The location
The European Film College is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark, a peninsular on the East coast of Jutland. The campus overlooks the sea and the picturesque old town of Ebeltoft.

There are plenty of hiking routes and historical sites in the area – and of course great opportunities for finding amazing film locations!

Transportation possibilities
Copenhagen is only few hours away, as Ebeltoft has a direct ferry link to Sjællands Odde as well as good bus links to Copenhagen via Aarhus. Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, is only a 50-minute drive away, and there are daily bus connections between Ebeltoft and Aarhus as well.

Aarhus international airport (with daily direct flights to Copenhagen and a small selection of other European/Nordic cities) is only twenty minutes’ drive from the campus. During weekdays there is a local bus link from the airport to Ebeltoft (but unfortunately not in the weekends).
european film college ebeltoft denmark community diversity filmmaking students campus quality
european film college ebeltoft denmark community diversity filmmaking students campus quality
European Film College - air photo of the main building
Air photo of European Film College - the dorms
View from European Film College over the valley of Ebeltoft
Our daily life
Events and social activities