Our daily life

The daily life at the European Film College is filled with opportunities for you to grow as a filmmaker and a human being. Exactly how busy your daily life will be at the college is very much op to you. We hand you the possibilities, but you have to take advantage of them – and take responsibility for your own learning.

The 8½-month programme is divided into the autumn semester and the spring semester (divided by a Christmas holiday). The autumn semester consists of 3 course periods, where students can pick 3 different basic courses. Each basic course lasts for 3 weeks and ends with a 2-week production period, where students use what they learned during the course to make a 3-minute film. The spring semester consists of various film projects (Documentary Films, Final Films, Indies) and other courses and workshops. The content of these courses and workshops varies from year to year.

Weekly schedule
During course periods the students are put in different classes (depending on which courses they have chosen and been assigned to in that specific period) and given a mix of theory-based class teaching and exercises where the different classes cooperate. Classes normally start at 10AM and finish at 5PM with a lunch break from 12.30 PM to 2 PM.

Some days during course periods involves classes both in the morning and the afternoon, others only have teaching in one of the slots and then a screening or common lecture in the other.

There are often lectures and screenings in the evening.

Project periods vary very much, depending on the project. So the schedule in a project period will be a mix of production, tutoring classes, meetings, screenings, evaluations, and lectures/workshops (for students not active in the project at that specific time).

There is no mandatory teaching in the weekends, but there will be regular weekend workshops, you can sign up to, and we encourage you to stay at the college for as many weekends as you can, in order to gain as much from your stay as possible.

Around and in between classes and project work students are free to do whatever they need to - play music, physical activities, trips to Aarhus or Copenhagen or simply hang around and discuss films!

Team teachers and permanent teams
When you join the college you’ll be assigned to one of eight teams, consisting of app. 15 students plus a team teacher.

Your team teacher is the first person to go to if you have a problem or anything you want to discuss, and you will meet with your team on a regular basis to do social activities and talk.

The European Film College is a folk high school, which means that we also aim to teach our students something about community, responsibility and taking care of each other. Therefore, each different team take turns to:

  • set out food on the buffet (don't worry, you won't be cooking)
  • wash up
  • clean and tidy up the common areas

Each team will have about four weeks assigned to them, spread over the 8½ months. So when it is your team’s turn, everyone else in the school will be depending on you to show up in time for your assignments, get the food served on time and keep the place looking nice. The remaining weeks they will do the same for you!

As a student at the European Film College you will often be working hard and at all hours. This means that you will need a wholesome, varied diet to stay healthy and energised!

Our food is made from fresh ingredients by professional chefs and with great thought put into nutrition, health and variation.

You’ll be served three main meals a day plus a snack or fruit in the afternoon. We cater for vegetarians and try to meet the need of people with allergies as well as we can within a reasonable limit. We do not offer a vegan diet, but let us know if you're vegan, and we will try and help you as well as we can.

We work from a sustainable philosophy in terms of food. This means:

  • Less meat! Meat production is extremely resource demanding and emits substantial amounts of CO2. Therefore we use a limited amount of meat in our meals and focus on quality over quantity in terms of meat. Furthermore, we only serve meat once a day, either at lunch or at dinner
  • Lots of vegetables!
  • More organic food (we carry the Silver Medal in terms of organic food, meaning that 60-80% of the ingredients we purchase are organic)
  • As much local vegetables and fruit as we can
  • Separation of food waste from other waste

Smoking and alcohol policies
Please be aware that adhering to Danish legislation the European Film College has a smoking policy, which means that smoking is not allowed inside anywhere in the college buildings. Violation of the smoking policy will result in a substantial fine.

Alcohol is not allowed in the main building unless served or sold by the college. Abuse of alcohol is not tolerated.

In accordance with Danish law, possession and use of drugs are prohibited and are grounds for immediate expulsion.
european film college ebeltoft denmark students filmmaking folk high school tradition quality visions diversity community
european film college ebeltoft denmark students filmmaking folk high school tradition quality visions diversity community
The campus
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