Lars Igum Rasmussen

Lars Igum Rasmussen, Health Editor at Politiken

Student at European Film College from 1994-1995

What did you do after EFC?

During my stay at EFC from 1994-95, I met the woman who became my best friend and has been ever since. A few months after we left EFC and Ebeltoft, we took the classic journey to Asia, discovered ourselves and returned home. I took a job at a theatre, because I wanted to become a film director and apply for the National Film School of Denmark. But working with the professional actors made me realise that studying film and media science at the university was probably more appealing to me. But my grades from high school weren't high enough, so I ended up at Humaniora at Roskilde University Centre. I was happy there, and became even more happy when they initiated a journalism department. Journalism is also the ability to tell stories - albeit stories from real life, with real human beings, based on facts. So I became a journalist in 2003. 

What did the EFC experience mean to you?

I came straight out of the gymnasium and met a lot of young people with a passion for film. But not only the intellectual art house films that I had learned was the right ones. Some students were into Hong Kong action, others were into monster films from the 30s. So I learned a lot about film with other young people, while we were also having fun and building a strong community. A lot of the students from my year became succesful Danish filmmakers, so it was a very skilled and ambitious class, where the love of film in all its diversity filled us and shaped us. 

Is EFC a part of your life today?

Not a lot, since I never became a part of the Danish film environment. But I still have my very close friend back from EFC, we became friends for life.

In what way is film a part of your life today, if any?

Although film is still my interest, it is not as red hot and passionate as when I was a teenager. But EFC was the perfect place back then to dive into my passion, to see close to 200 films, whereof many of them - before the emergence of the internet, the DVDs and other technologies - were like hidden treasures. I watched films that I had read about. Heard about. But would never have had the chance to see. So my life was enriched by the most important films from the film history, and I would never want to be without that.  

Photo: Thomas Borberg

“I learned a lot about film with other young people, while we were also having fun and building a strong community.”