Henrik Juhl Nielsen

Henrik Juhl Nielsen, Bid Manager at Recare

Student at European Film College from 2007-2008

What did you do after EFC?

After EFC I studied English and Business Studies in Kassel, Germany, as I wanted to deepen my knowledge and proficiency in the English language, and it also couldn't hurt to have some business studies in the mix. After I received my masters degree in 2015, I started working in the sales and tender department of a medium-sized logistics company for almost 7 years. In January of this year (2022) I took a leap and switched companies to a small tech start-up in Berlin (digitization in healthcare), for which I now work remotely from the Black Forest in southwestern Germany.

What did the EFC experience mean to you?

At EFC you truly live and breathe film in every sense of the word, and I got to explore many facettes of filmmaking, ranging from acting and screenwriting to editing, sound and production management. I even got to host a TV show we recorded at EFC. While living, eating and learning on campus, I got to meet so many talented, dedicated and all around awesome people (students as well as teachers and staff) from all corners of the world, which helped me to not only develop and grow as a filmmaker, but even more so as a person. Briefly put, for me it meant getting out of the house at a fairly young age (19), going on an adventure, making new friends, and exploring a lesser known side of myself by diving into the magnificent world of filmmaking, and finding out whether this is something I want to pursue further in life.

Is EFC a part of your life today?

I am still losely keeping in touch with some of the friends I made during my time at EFC. Beside that, the memories of EFC will always hold a special place in my heart. Every now and then I visit the website to see what the current students are up to or maybe to watch a short movie or two (which are of much higher technical quality now than back in 2007, haha!). I hope to sometime return for a reunion and some øl!

In what way is film a part of your life today, if any?

Films are still a rather large part of my life, as I still enjoy watching them immensely, but who doesn't? Making films will maybe become relevant for me at some point in the future. Who knows what the future will bring?

“The memories of EFC will always hold a special place in my heart.”