Charlotte Høeg Andersen

Charlotte Høeg Andersen, Director of Education at The Index Project. 

Student at European Film College 1995-96.

What did you do after EFC?

After EFC, I took a course in cinematography in Rockport, Maine, USA. After that I was part of the independent milieu that was based at the Film Workshop in Vognmagergade in Copenhagen. 

I have been working for a number of years on various productions, both my own and others'. I was also a paid freelance film worker on everything from commercial film productions, art films, theatre productions, documentaries and feature films. I worked primarily as a photographer or illuminator. 

I took many courses during those years and was more and more drawn towards working with still photos instead of moving images, and therefore also took a course at the art photography school Fatamorgana. 

In 1999 I gave birth to my first daughter and then enrolled at Copenhagen University in Philosophy. I took my Master's degree in Art History 6 years later and then left the film industry to work with project management within design and business development. 

In 2015, I was hired by The Index Project and I am there to this day!

What did the EFC experience mean to you?

I gained a strong film professional network from my time at EFC, which I draw on in many contexts in my working life - even though I do not work in the film or TV industry. 

A college stay of 8,5 months, where the teaching is facilitated as group work and different nationalities and competences meet in one common passion and vision, gives the students a very intense togetherness - and that experience brought me both strengthened and enriched into my future life.

What does film mean to you today?

Film is not a part of my work life today. But it is very much a big part of my life. I have always watched and will always watch a lot of films.

“I gained a strong professional film community at EFC, and I still draw on that in many aspects of my life, even though I don't work in film”