Barbara Kaad Ostenfelt

Barbara Kaad Ostenfelt, Visual Artist. 

Student at European Film College 2001-02.

What did you do after EFC?

After leaving EFC in 2002 I thought my future was to work with film and television, but after having surfed around for 7 years, working within different areas of film, tv and magazines (I have a degree in journalism), I realized that my true calling was not in the media industry. I changed career and spent 6 years helping vulnerable young people to believing in themselves and encouraging them to begin studies etc.

In 2015 I got an epiphany, and to make a long story short, I ended up finding ‘my purpose in life’ and started a career as a visual artist. I have been drawing and been creative since I could hold a pen in my hand, but it had never occurred to me to focus on a creative career. It was first in 2014, after having drawn on my first canvas, that things started to happen, and in august 2015 I committed myself 100% to my art. 

Today, I have participated in various art exhibitions, fairs and joint exhibitions at museums in Greenland, and in 2018 my first public art piece was inaugurated. And I won my first prize in November 2019, a second prize for ‘most remarkable artistic work’ at a joint exhibition in France, with 121 exhibitors.

Things are moving fast for me, and even though it can be overwhelming from time to time, I fell that I have found the true meaning and purpose of my life.

What did the EFC experience mean to you?

When you have been at the EFC, either as a student or a part of the staff in general, you automatically get a big family, as you get a special connection with everyone who has been connected to the EFC. And with more than 100 new students each year, the family keeps on growing. There is a special EFC-bond, spread all over the world.

I will always be a part of the EFC-family!

What does film mean to you today?

EFC has given me skills that I still use today as a visual artist – almost 20 years later! Not in the production of my art, but in my PR work. 

My camera/editing experience has taught me of good framing and the importance of good quality, whereas the learning of dogme style, has taught me that the most important in a film is the story.

“EFC has given me skills that I still use today as a visual artist – almost 20 years later! ”