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IMPORTANT NOTE: A lot of film festivals and film competitions have restrictions about not accepting films that have been published online. As we don't want to compromise our students' chances to get into film festivals, we rarely publish films that are less than 2 years old.
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3 & 4 Minute Films

3 & 4 Minute Fiction

These are examples of 3-min and 4-min films. The frames of production on these films have varied over the years. At the moment, students produce a 3-min film after each basic course in the fall semester. There are 3 basic course periods in the fall, meaning 3 rounds of 3-min films.

3 Minute Fiction
Coming Home
3 Minute Fiction
Choir of Girlfriends
3 Minute Fiction
3 Minute Fiction
4 minute fiction
Dead sand
The substitute
4 minute fiction
The Substitute
4 minute fiction
Waltz with a wheelchair
4 minute fiction
The Harbour