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  • During the 1-year programme our students produce more than 100 short films together. Here you can watch a selection of the different films; from very short course films to documentary and final films. Out of respect for film festival circulation, we rarely post student films that are less than 1 year old.
  • In the students' final semester, the 2nd semester, students get the chance to really show what they've learned by producing longer films, up to 12 minutes. Films are approved by the school and tutored throughout the entire production. Production time and period may vary from year to year.
  • During the 1-year film programme, you can chose to take part in the making of a documentary short. The project is closely tutored by our documentary teacher and often also by external tutors. Students are also encouraged to hand in proposals for documentaries for their final films.
  • In the spring, depending on demand, we sometimes offer our students a course in stop motion animation. And students are also encouraged to hand in proposals for stop motion for a final film.
  • Throughout the 1-year programme, students make various course films and exercises. And each of the 3 basic courses in the first semester, the autumn semester, is concluded by a course film.
  • Besides the films that the school initiates, students have opportunity to produce films in their own time as well. It may be in the weekends, in the evenings. These films are not tutored or evaluated, but students may borrow equipment etc. when available.

My Big Big Sister

Showreel 2019-20

The Last Lullaby

Showreel 2018-19


Trophy Hunt

Thoughts of Love

Grandma Dorota

My Face and Me

The City Tucked Away


The Latte and the Liver Patte

Playful animation 2019



Ghost Writer

Where are you really from?

The Rabbit




Open Books

Time for Coffee and Small Talk

Llama Therapy

A Mouse's Life in Afghanistan

The Executive (Direktøren)

Mother Moor (Final Project)

Inbetween Homes



Haste (Brådska)



Pictures from Thailand

18, Over

Bente and the empty apartment

I must to run

Box cutter

Radio Life

Timmy the T-Rex

David's Animation

Monsieur le Fuzz

Mors blomster

Dog and Greenhouse