Sanitize | Music film

Out of a crisis can sometimes grow something beautiful, funny, and uplifting. A group of EFC students wrote, recorded and shot a music film about being a folk high school student during a global pandemic.

In the autumn of 2020, where the struggle against COVID-19 was still very much present, and where restrictions was still everyday life at EFC, a group of students got together in the attempt of making a fun, uplifting film to share with their fellow students and the rest of the world.

Student Oscar Wedel remembered a song he wrote a while back that he never really recorded, and he started writing new lyrics with a group of his fellow students.

They put together a film crew, and in only a week and a half, a song was recorded and a film was shot. 

The song goes viral

As a gimmick, the film was screened as a surprise for the rest of the student body in Big Bear Cinema, and it became a huge hit. Within only a few weeks, the video was seen by more than 8,000 people on YouTube and about 19,000 people on Facebook. The story about the song also reached the local news.

'Sanitize' was later on released on Spotify and became the number 1 hit at EFC student parties during the pandemic. It also served as a reminder during parties to air out and use hand sanitizer!

To turn something dark upside down

The purpose of the song, composer Oscar says, was to take a dark topic and turn it upside down. To simply look at the bright side and give people joy and hope:

'We picked up something serious and took it to a level where everyone could join in. It's been really great to take something a bit dark and turn it upside down. And to have such a great project to work on during a pandemic. It reminded us - and everyone else, I hope - that we can still work together, be creative, and have fun.'

Cast & Crew
Music Composers: Oscar Wedel & Jacob Aaskov

Directed by: Louis Jablonski 

Performers: Oscar Wedel, Peter Hantsch, Maas Bronkhuyzen, Noah Gölner and Jacob Christiansen

Written by: Oscar Wedel, Peter Hantsch, Maas Bronkhuyzen, and Noah Gölner

Producer: Freja Sif Østergaard Frank

Production Manager: Emma Lykke
Director of Photography: Valentin Christensen

Editor: Louis Jablonski

Title Design: Frederik Gregersen

Gaffer: Isabella Marie Hale & Noah Göllner

Gaffer Assistant: Christian Gantzel

Make-up: Katy Steegmans

“We picked up something serious and took it to a level where everyone could join in”