'Banshee' director is Board Chairman at EFC

Ole Christian Madsen, director of ’Banshee’ (HBO), ’Angels in Fast Motion’, and ’Flame and Citron’, is Chairman of the Board at European Film College.

In continuation of Henning Camre’s retirement as chairman of the board and board member, internationally acknowledged film director Ole Christian Madsen took up the position as chairman of the board at European Film College, Denmark, in 2019.

Ole Christian Madsen is internationally known for directing and producing the popular HBO-series ‘Banshee’ as well as award-winning films such as ‘Angels in Fast Motion’ and ‘Flame and Citron’. In March 2020, he will premiere with his new feature about the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen in 2015.

Ole Christian Madsen says about his title as chairman:

‘I’ve experienced so many young film talents describe their stay at European Film College as ‘the best time of their life’. I love being involved in a place like that. European Film College has become one of the most important platforms for developing film talent in Europe, and it combines two concepts that I hold very dearly: the Danish folk high school as a place of personal growth and the film language as a transgressive and common form of expression.

European Film College’s international profile makes it unique and contributes to an inspiring meeting of identities and cultures; a meeting that we humans need to an even greater extent than previously. With my experience from working around the world I hope to help preserve and strengthen that narrative. European Film College must remain a place where it is challenging, developing and fun to study. I look forward to working closely with the school’s strong and competent management, faculty and administration.’

A true privilege
Ellen Riis, Principal at European Film College, truly enjoys working with Ole Christian Madsen:

‘It is a true privilege to have Ole Christian Madsen as Board Chairman here at European Film College. His strong profile and international competences benefits students as well as teachers. It is a pleasure to work together with Ole Christian Madsen.’

Ole Christian Madsen has been a Board Chairman at EFC since 2019. Previous board chairmen are Henning Camre, Lars Hermann, Bo Ehrhardt, Per Holst, Henning Carlsen, Litten Hansen, and Morten Arnfred.

“I’ve experienced so many young film talents describe their stay at European Film College as ‘the best time of their life’. I will love being involved in a place like that”