Here you can sign up for the 1-year film foundation programme. We still have a few places left for Danish students but are currently fully booked in terms of international students - but international students are welcome to sign up for our waiting list.

Please have everything ready before you start to fill out the registration form.

You only have 20 minutes to fill out the form - after that you will be timed out, and your registration is not submitted.

We have issues with the Chrome browser. So, if possible, please use another browser than Chrome.

In order for us to get to know you better in case of rooming, teams etc. you will need:
- A personal letter (max 1MB)
- A portrait of yourself (max 1MB)
- A CV (max 1MB)

We recommend that you download and print our manual for filling out the form (to the right).

Please note that all of our teaching is in English.



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