A typical day at EFC

Our daily schedule

No two days are the same at EFC. In some periods, the schedule consists mainly of regular classes with various exercises, workshops or lectures. Other periods are focused on film production and other creative projects. But our daily rhythm is basically the same no matter what’s on the schedule.


The sun rises over our beautiful valley … (unless it’s winter, then it doesn’t turn up until around 9am). The first people awake in the morning are usually our matrons and caretakers, the kitchen staff, and students who are members of the ‘Team on Duty’ that given week. They start their morning duties (tidying up and preparing for breakfast together with matrons and the kitchen staff) at 7:30am on weekdays. From 8-8:30, breakfast is served for everyone at the college. After breakfast, the current Team on Duty will help do the dishes and a bit of cleaning. 

From 8:50-09:20 on weekdays, we have a Morning Assembly, which is mandatory for all students. We start by singing a song together, and after that a student or a teacher talks about a subject close to their heart, or we discuss something important happening at the school. Classes or other projects / teaching will then start at 9:30 am.


Around 10:30am, there is a coffee break for everyone. After the break, teaching or projects will continue until 12:30, where lunch is served for everyone at the college. The Team on Duty will set the tables – and tidy up and do the dishes afterwards. Unless you have a meeting or perhaps homework, there is usually some time off after lunch, until 14:00.


At 14:00, classes will start up again – or maybe you’re working on a project, or a guest lecturer is talking in Big Bear. Around 15:00, there will be a coffee break with an afternoon snack (it can be fruit, bread, rice pudding, you name it).

Teaching or projects will then continue until around 17:00, where you usually have time off until dinner. This time off can be spent on homework, sports, film projects, board games, or just hanging out…


Dinner is served for everyone from 18:30-19:00 – of course with help from members of the current Team on Duty.

Evenings at European Film College most often consist of film screenings, arranged either by the faculty or the students themselves.

There may also be public cinema (EFC hosts the local cinema), film club or meetings. Or maybe you’re working on a film production.


At weekends, there is no mandatory teaching, only screenings and sometimes workshops for those interested.

Because a lot of our students come from far away, a lot of students stay at the college at the weekends, creating a really nice atmosphere.

But you are also free to leave the college in the weekends to visit family or friends, provided that you inform the college that you are away, and where you are.

At weekends, there is breakfast from 10:00-11:00, moving into brunch from 11:00-13:00.

There is an afternoon snack around 15:00 and then dinner at 18:30-19:00.

Sometimes, the faculty will arrange a party in the main building, sometimes students arrange their own parties at the common rooms over at the dorms. But consideration is always key: no loud music after 23:00 on weekdays and 01:00 in the weekends.