Fees and Payment

Below are the tuition fees for the 2018-19 programme. Please note that if you come from a country outside the European Union, there will be an extra amount of DKK 2315* in administration fee to the Danish Immigration Services.

Fees film foundation course 2018/19
DKK 2,555 per week, meaning a total of DKK 86,870
+ Material account DKK 5,000 (see explanation below)
+ Deposit DKK 2,000 (see explanation below)

The total amount above covers all teaching, accommodation, food, film production cost (except for 8½-minute Films) and a student trip to a film festival. It also covers a small amount of 'pocket money' (see below under 'Material account').

Information referring to 'Norske Lånekassen'
Weekly price 2017-18: DKK 2555,00
Hereof payment to teaching (tuition): DKK 1693,89
Equalling: 67,8%

Single/double rooms
If you want a single room, there is a single room supplement of DKK 300 per week, amounting to a total supplement of DKK 10.200 per year.

We have a limited number of single rooms, so therefore we cannot guarantee that you will get a single room even if you have requested it.

Material account
Can be used to buy washing cards, prints, postal marks, transfers of projects to media, etc. and take out cash for pocket money. You can also deposit extra money on your material account, if you run out.

All students pay a deposit of DKK 2,000. We will refund the deposit to you after you've left, if your room is found in good condition, your material account is balanced etc.

Prepayment upon admission
When/if you are accepted to the college, you will have to make a prepayment of DKK 5,000 (by 10 June 2018), which will be deducted from your total payment, when you enter the 8½-month programme. Please note that if you withdraw your admission after July 10 2018, your prepayment will be lost! And please also note that for non-Danish credit cards there will be a credit card fee of 3,75%* of the prepayment - this is non-refundable.

Course fee deadlines
Danish students: Monthly payments.

Students from countries with no Visa requirements: 50% of the fee to be paid before 31 July 2018 - remainder to be paid before 31 October 2018.

Students who are citizens in countries where Visa is required in order to enter Denmark: The total fee has to be paid before 31 March 2018 (click here to see if you need a visa to enter Denmark).

*) All fees from the authorities are subject to change
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