Film foundation course overview

The film foundation programme is the only programme at European Film College with 120 students of approximately 25 different nationalities.

Elements in the programme

The film foundation course consists of the following:

  • 1 intro week
  • 1 week of "Five Stories"
  • 3 basic 3-week courses in 3 different fields*. Basic courses are: Directing Fiction, Directing Documentary, Acting, Screenwriting, Camera Operation, Sound, Editing with Avid, Creative Producing, and Lighting for Film. Read more about our full-time teachers here
  • Extensive teaching in the process of making a film in terms of pre- and postproduction as well as collaboration and crossover between fields
  • 3 rounds of 2-week film production (3-min films) after each basic course period
  • A broad selection of courses and workshops in the spring.
  • Several major school projects (including Final Films)
  • Indie Films
  • Student trip to a film festival in Europe
  • Workshops (with various themes)
  • Clubs and societies
  • Screenings
  • Common lectures with guest teachers and filmmakers from all over the world
  • and all the other stuff in between...

*) Students are assigned to courses the week before each course period starts. We will ask you to fill out a course selection form with 5 priorities, and the faculty then tries to meet your wishes. We guarantee that you will get your first priority (the course you want the most as you enter the programme) at some point during the school year. However, we can not guarantee when you will get it.

Intense teaching

In each course period the classes consist of maximum 14 students, so you will have intense and thorough teaching. You will get approximately 25 hours of class-teaching every week during course periods, and each of the basic course periods ends with a course film (3-min films).

The courses are integrated, which means you will meet various disciplines in the individual course. An example could be that students in directing class make exercises with students in cinematography class – and later in the same course period they work together with the students doing acting class etc.

Handling the equipment

In order to get permission to use camera, sound and editing equipment, you are required to take a course (or, if you have extensive experience, at least a small exam) in camera, sound and editing, so we know that you are able to handle our very expensive equipment.

Rights and Copyrights

The subject of rights and copyrights will be covered to secure that students know about this important matter and to ensure that their European Film College productions can be used for film school applications and film festivals.

Lectures, screenings and more

The courses will be combined with screenings and common lectures to fulfill the need for both practical and theoretical learning. The common lectures are often taught by guest teachers and filmmakers from all over the world.

Once a week we also have Infomania, where we discuss and plan upcoming projects and exercises, and where you receive important information about events, screenings and guest teachers.

NOTE: because we are a dynamic place in constant development, the content of the curriculum is subject to changes.
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