European Film College is one of the world's best equipped film foundation schools. Here you can read about our current facilities. All students have access to all the facilities with only a few restrictions.

The European Film College has a 360 sqm. film studio, which can be used by all students. It provides a lot of space for you to build sets, use professional lighting and is also a place for you to practice camera and lighting. The studio is basically equipped with everything you need to shoot films.

The European Film College has two cinemas. The main one, "Big Bear" (photo below) has 209 seats and is fully equipped with Dolby 3D system, Kinoton projector, 7.1 surround sound, 35mm film projectors, Blu-Ray and DVD players. Our small cinema, “Little Bear”, plays Blu-Ray and DVD and can accommodate 44 viewers. Little Bear is available for students to book and operate during most of the day and evening. Students are not allowed to operate Big Bear.

Camera Equipment
The school has 10 Black Magic URSA Mini. The cameras are build around the body of the Black Magic URSA Mini and the Black Magic Video Assist, using the lenses from the school’s former cameras, the Panasonic AG-AF101.

We also have other cameras, such as DSLR cameras and more lightweight, handheld cameras.

Editing suites
Our video editing facilities rival the editing facilities of many professional post-production houses and TV stations. Our 14 workstations consist of Avid Media Composer and they are networked and equipped with dual 24" RGB monitors.

Sound studios
We have the following sound facilities:
  • One Sound Studio equipped with a Mac Pro running the latest version of Pro Tools HD and iZotope RX 6 Advanced
  • One Sound editing classroom with 15 PC stations, running the latest version of Pro Tools and iZotope RX 6 Elements
  • One Music Room with a Mac running the latest version of Pro Tools and iZotope RX 6 Elements
  • 14 Production Sound Kits based on either the TASCAM DR-680 MK II and/or the ZOOM F4

Our film library has a collection of more than 4000 films, and we constantly keep it updated with new films. You can also borrow from our small collection of novels and film literature. Search through the collection of films in the library.

The college has 6 classrooms, all equipped for screening with Full HD projectors.

Computers, Internet, printers and copy machines
3 stationary computers and a printer are available in the main building, and the school has wireless internet access in the main building as well as in the dorms. If you need color print, you can get it done at the office within reason. If you need to copy a large amount of documents, you can buy copy cards in the office.

Reading room / conference room
Opposite the library we have a peaceful reading room with a balcony and a beautiful view of the surroundings. It is also very suitable to book as a conference room as it have a large conference table with 10 chairs. It is also equipped with an HD projector.

TV room
On the first floor we have the TV room with a 47" flatscreen TV, 5.1 surround, Blu-Ray player and couches. A wide variety of digital TV channels are available.

Student Café
In the main building, just outside Little Bear cinema, there is a student café with work tables, plugs for laptops, chairs and couches. A nice place to hang out and write, skype or just relax!
Big Bear Cinema at European Film College
Big Bear Cinema at European Film College