11  June  2019

Two students at European Film College awarded with the 2019 Obel Family Foundation scholarships

Karen Bech Sørensen (Denmark) and Tomas Vieira (Portugal) are the two recipients of the 2019 Obel Family Foundation scholarships. At European Film College we are very happy to award the two film students with DKK 86870 each for outstanding contributions to the social and professional life at the film school during our 2018-19 programme.

European Film College is very pleased and honored to reveal that the Obel Family Foundation has once again made it possible to grant two students with full scholarships, shortly after they completed the 2018-19 film foundation programme.

Choosing the recipients
31 students at European Film College applied for the 2019 Obel Family Foundation scholarships, making it a very hard decision to choose the final two recipients.

A lot of different factors are taken into consideration when selecting: contribution to social and professional life in a way that benefited the whole student body, financial status, gender, commitments, and achievements as a film student.

Below you can read more about the two recipients and European Film College’s motivation for choosing them.

Karen Bech Sørensen
Karen Bech Sørensen, 21, is from Denmark. Ellen Riis, Principal at European Film College, states the motivation for rewarding Karen with the scholarship:

“Karen receives the scholarship for being an inspiration to fellow students in taking extracurricular initiatives as well as supporting others'. Her always reliable hands on support to the staff has not gone unnoticed. She gladly runs the extra mile to make things happen and has supported countless fellow students in their producing tasks. Her talents for communication in both the digital world and real life are extraordinary. We hope the scholarship will support her in her ambition of becoming an internationally oriented producer.”

Karen says about the scholarship:

"The European Film College is the most incredible place I’ve ever been. Not only did the school give me the tools I need to make movies and face challenges. It also gave me a whole new view on solidarity, teamwork, and friendship. It is really special to be a part of such a creative community and I am so happy to have a new family that I can always seek support from. I am so grateful and honoured to receive the Obel Family Scholarship. It shows me that people are happy with what I do and motivates me even more to continue exploring, make movies and go further in my film career."

Tomas Vieira
Tomas Vieira, 22, is from Portugal. Ellen Riis, Principal, states the thoughts behind choosing Tomas Vieira as one of the two recipients of the 2019 scholarships:

”Tomas Vieira receives the Obel scholarship for his high-level creative work and always helpful attitude towards fellow students and staff. He is also acknowledged for his loyalty and for taking responsibility in social activities for the benefit of the whole school. His hard work and quiet, dependable nature will bring him far. We look forward to watching Tomas engage in many innovative ideas within film and storytelling and benefitting from the EFC network.”

Tomas Vieira says about the scholarship and about being a student at European Film College:

“It’s insane to think of everything that just happened, suddenly I got accepted at the European Film College. Well, what I can call the best year of my life is over now. I’m grateful to have learned from the most experienced teachers, to have been guided in a safe multicultural environment, where I got to grow creatively and as a person. It’s impossible to describe what happened during these 8,5 months but whatever it was, it changed me.”

About the scholarships
Since 2009, The Obel Family Foundation has generously provided European Film College with an annual amount to be split into two full scholarships for students graduating from European Film College. Students can apply at the end of the 8,5-month film foundation programme, and the college awards the scholarships shortly after the students’ stay.

The Obel Family Foundation is located in Jutland, Denmark, and it is a philanthropic foundation, which supports science, education and culture. You can read more about the Obel Family Foundation here.

Tomas Vieira - student at European Film College from 2018-19 and recipient of one of two scholarships from The Obel Family Foundation
Tomas Vieira - student at European Film College from 2018-19 and recipient of one of two scholarships from The Obel Family Foundation
Karen Bech Sørensen - student at European Film College from 2018-19 and one of two recipients of the 2019 Obel Family Foundation scholarships