06  March  2018

Students engage in development of Final Films

As the end of the 2017-18 film foundation programme moves closer, students at European Film College start the development phase for this year's graduation films.

The culmination of the 2017-18 programme at European Film College is moving closer as the scheduled premiere of this year's Final Films are less than two months away. But before the films can premiere, students engage in a long and intense process of development, selection, and of course production.

49 proposals
Just before the students went to Berlin, they handed in 49 proposals for this year's final films. And as only about 17-18 films can go into production, a selection process is necessary, very similar to the processes students will experience in the film business after European Film College.

Last week, the students behind the 49 proposals had pitching sessions with Principal Ellen Riis and Danish producer Michael Fleischer. After the pitching sessions, Ellen Riis and Michael Fleischer then picked 28 projects that will no go into further development.

The light is shining strong!
Selecting between the 49 proposals was not an easy choice, producer Michael Fleischer told the students when announcing the short list:

'I have had a fantastic week here in Ebeltoft and the light in the tunnel of movie-making is shining strong! Two things really stand out to me after 49 great presentations. Firstly, I’m fascinated by the huge variety and diversity of the projects and your commitment to make them happen. Secondly, I’m very impressed by the way all of you presented your projects - focused, well prepared and with a lot of heart.'

Script development
During the development phase, the students behind the selected projects will no go into intense development and re-writing together with guest teacher and director/producer Johan Carlsen, documentary teacher at European Film College, Kathy Conkwright, and Principal Ellen Riis.

Principal Ellen Riis says:

'I hope that, during the development phase, the students will be prepared to look for new opportunities in both their personal and professional development, and that they will all help each other in producing the finest graduation films possible. Films they can all be proud of as a group.'

Next Friday, March 16th, it will then be announced which projects will go into production and become this year's Final Films. After the selection, all students will then come together and work on the selected films.
Pitching session during finals at European Film College