19  February  2018

Students at European Film College attend Berlinale 2018

For the next four days the students at the European Film College will be attending this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, where they will be watching films, networking, attending master classes and much more.

Saturday evening the students at the European Film College filled up two buses and headed off to Berlin, where they will be attending the Berlinale for the next four days.

The students will be staying together at a hostel very close to Potzdamer Platz, the center of the Berlinale. From here they are pretty much on their own, free to plan their own festival, whether it involves networking, attending film screenings, receptions or lectures – thus getting a taste of the business that awaits them after their stay.

A lot of the students' activities will most likely revolve around Berlinale Talents, a talent development section under the festival, dedicated to emerging filmmakers. Here the students at the European Film College are able to network and join master classes with some of the worlds' most renowned filmmakers.

Former students attending the festival
On Monday 19 February the European Film College will also arrange a get-together for all current and former students at European Film College, since a lot of former students also attend the Berlin festival each year.

One of the most famous former students attending the film festival this year is Pernille Fischer Christensen, who is attending with her film 'Young Astrid', a film about the early life of Swedish Author Astrid Lindgren. The film is being screened as part of the Berlinale Specials programme.
Each year students at European Film College attend the Berlinale