19  July  2018

Student film from European Film College in the semi-final for a Student Oscar

One of the final films from the 2017-18 film foundation programme at European Film College has advanced to the semi-finals at the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

Almost 1600 student films were submitted to the 2018 Student Academy Awards from film schools all over the world. Only 81 of the films have advanced to the semi-finals. This makes European Film College extremely proud to announce that ‘My Face and Me’, one of the final films from 2017-18 is among those 81 films selected to advance.

Documentary about facial prosthetics
‘My Face and Me’, a short documentary written and directed by Maria Wegener, 25, is competing in the category International Documentary. Director Maria Wegener, who, before attending European Film College, took a bachelor’s degree in medicine, says about the film:

’It is a short documentary that follows four people that wear either an eye or nose prosthesis, as a way to explore the question: How does one come to terms with looking different and accept oneself? People living their daily lives with an artificial object as a part of their body is something that fascinates me greatly. How do they feel about the object? Do they experience the object as an integrated part of them or not? I wanted to understand this or at least come closer to an understanding of this.’

Four brave individuals
Even if the film ‘My face and me’ doesn’t advance any further in the race for a Student Academy Award, director Maria Wegener is of course very proud of this achievement:

‘It makes me extremely happy because it is an acknowledgment of the four brave individuals who participated in this documentary, showing us some of their most vulnerable sides. In doing so they give us insight into something hidden from the outside world, thereby hopefully making it more acceptable to wear a facial prosthesis and making people feel they can talk more openly about it. It is also a testimony of the wonderful collaboration this short film is a result of, an acknowledgment of all the talented people who worked so hard to make this film come to life. They put their heart and soul into the project, which I really think shows. I am really proud of this film.’

Jury decision
On August 17th, it will be announced which films the jury has selected to advance to the finals at the Student Academy Award. And the winners will be presented in Los Angeles on October 11th.

You can read more about the Student Academy Awards here.

Film crew for 'My face and me'
Director: Maria Wegener
Producer: Johannes Toft
Directors of Photography: Anna Wrønding Fleischer, William Oliver Bensimon
Editor: Casper Bjerregaard Vecht
Sound: Emil Jensen
Development Producers: Ane Vennize Andersen and Eduardo Ecker
Creative Supervisor: Peter Schwartz
Music Supervisor: Peter Schwartz
Colourist: Max Patrick Thuesen
Music performed and interpreted by Pianist: Pontus Carron

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