30  August  2019

25 years as a mentor, educator, and talent spotter

Cinematographer Petru Maier, DFF, celebrates 25 years as a camera teacher at European Film College on September 1st 2019.

The heart and soul of the school. This is how Petru Maier is often described by his students and colleagues at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark. Here he will celebrate his 25th anniversary as a camera teacher on September 1st.

Petru Maier was there, when European Film College welcomed some of the first students, with the school’s first Principal, Bjorn Erichsen, in the lead. Since then Petru has taught thousands of young European film talents, including some of the very best young cinematographers out there right now:

  • Sturla Brandth Grøvlen (Victoria, Rams, Heartstone)
  • Fabian Wagner (Game of Thrones, Justice League, Sherlock)
  • Charlotte Bruus Christensen (A Quiet Place, The Hunt, The Girl on the Train)
  • Magnus Nordenhof Jønck (A War, Bridgend)
  • Rasmus Videbæk (A Royal Affair, The Dark Tower)

He is the grand old man of European Film College
Principal at European Film College, Ellen Riis, says:

’It is with great pride that we celebrate grand old man Petru Maier’s 25 years at European Film College. Petru has made his mark on numerous talents in the film business and never ceases to invent new projects for developing film language. Most recently, he returned to teaching our students how to film and develop in 16mm film in order to strengthen their visual sense. He is also constantly fascinated by new forms of expression, such as VR. And he carries with him the entire history of film – and of European Film College.’

Respected and loved by his students
It is going to be hard to find a former student of European Film College, who does not remember Petru Maier quite vividly. He holds a unique ability to win respect from his film students; because of his professional skills as a cinemtagrapher and teacher, but also because of his unique way of expressing himself in a way that leaves no one in the dark. Whether you’ve done your job well or perhaps not so well!

With Petru Maier there is no ambiguity, only a clear message. And with this teaching philosophy, Petru Maier has carried forward some of the world’s leading young film talents, and to this day they are all still very grateful towards him.

Petru Maier was born and raised in Rumania, where he graduated as a cinematographer at Film Academy of Bucharest in 1983. For almost 10 years, he worked as a cinematographer at the Buftea Film Studios.

But at the age of 31, Petru Maier and his wife, Carmen, left Romania and settled down in Denmark. A few years later, the contract with European Film College was signed.

Petru lives in Ebeltoft, Denmark, together with his wife, Carmen, who is an Associate Professor at Aarhus University. Together they have a daughter, Andrea, who is an MD-PhD at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Click here for interview with camera teacher Petru Maier.

Teachers at European Film College
European Film College has 9 fulltime teachers employed from various parts of the world. They teach all the major fields within filmmaking, such as producing, screenwriting, directing, camera, lighting, documentary, acting, editing, and sound. You can read more about all our teachers here.

Camera teacher at European Film College Petru Maier - teaching a 16mm workshop
Camera teacher at European Film College Petru Maier - teaching a 16mm workshop
Petru Maier