21  October  2018

Graduation film from European Film College visits Cape Town Film Festival

Two former students at European Film College traveled to South Africa with their graduation film from 2018 as the film was selected for Cape Town International Film Market & Festival.

The final films from the 2017-18 film foundation programme are currently traveling the world to various film festivals. Most recently, ‘The Last Lullaby’ – a graduation film directed and written by Birgit Käsper (Estonia) – was selected for Cape Town International Film Market & Festival (October 9th-19th 2018), Africa’s largest film festival with 120 films in competition.

Nominated as Best International Short Film
The graduation film ‘The Last Lullaby’, nominated for Best International Short Film, screened twice during the South African film festival, and producer Karoline Hallengren (Denmark) and editor Stinna Lotus Nagel (Denmark) were present at the screenings and the award show.

‘Being at the festival was such an experience. This festival is very important to African filmmakers, which showed very clearly through their level of work effort and commitment in the festival and in the award show,’ editor Stinna Lotus Nagel says.

A unique networking opportunity
Traveling the world with a film is a great opportunity to broaden your network, show your skills to the world, and find new inspiration. This is why students at European Film College are encouraged to submit their short films to all types of different film festivals. Producer of ‘The Last Lullaby’, Karoline Hallengren, says:

‘We went to Cape Town International Film Festival to represent our film, to experience an African film festival, and to meet other filmmakers. Connections and network are the main keywords for young filmmakers like us. And a lot of people; filmmakers, festival coordinators, volunteers, and the executive chairman of the festival, showed a lot of interest in our film. We felt like professional filmmakers!’

Supported by European Film College
As a former student at European Film College, you have the opportunity to apply for financial support when travelling to a film festival with one of your student films – as part of an ambassadors’ programme run by the film school. ‘The Last Lullaby’s trip to Cape Town International Film Festival was partially funded through this programme.

‘It meant so much to us that European Film College decided to support us – without it we would not have been able to attend the festival and represent our graduation film,’ editor Stinna Lotus Nagel says.

Still traveling…
Unfortunately, ‘The Last Lullaby’ didn’t win at Cape Town International Film Festival, but the film is still traveling the world. Up until now, the film has been selected for the following film festivals:

  • Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada (Brazil)
  • The 1st Global University Film Awards Festival (Hong Kong)
  • Cape Town International Film Festival & Market (South Africa)
  • Odense International Film Festival (Denmark)
  • Arctic Open Film Festival (Russia)
  • Filmkraft (Denmark)

Cast & Crew
A lot of students and actors took part in the making of the final film 'The Last Lullaby'. Here you can read the credits for the film:

Writer and director: Birgit Käsper
Producer: Karoline Hallengren
Director of Photography: Max Patrick Thuesen
Editor: Stinna Lotus Nagel
Sound: Adrian Kjönsberg
Gaffer: Jaan Erik Elgula
Assistant Camera: Lûkass Purmals
1st Assistant Director: Pietro Mauri
Script Supervisor: Aleksandra Zielnska
Production Manager: Allesandra Garciá Greisen

Julie Kunz
Bjørn Louis Beuschel
Alma Sophia Kronholm Fammé
Bjarne Jønsson
Rosa Mary Meyer
Dan Voers
Michael Moeslund
Brian Dannerfjord
Keld Therkelsen
Michael List
Dennis Knudsen
Niels Thorup
Lene Thorup

The film was also made with support from Aarhus Film Workshop
Former students at European Film College, Stinna Lotus Nagel and Karoline Hallengren, visiting Cape Town International Film Festival with their graduation film