07  February  2019

Future Week at European Film College

Just before leaving for the Berlin festival, students at European Film College are introduced to the many career opportunities in film and media: it’s Future Week at European Film College.

Although still a while to go before students at European Film College graduate and have to stand on their own feet, it’s not too early to start reflecting on the many opportunities lying on the road ahead. At European Film College it is tradition to arrange a Future Week where students can spend a week exploring some of the offers that the film and media business holds.

Career festival
During Future Week, students will get a sense of a career festival, where every day is packed with showcases, Q&As, and talks from various schools and companies from Denmark and Europe.

The representatives from the various schools and companies have all stayed at the college for a while to eat and hang out with the film students.

Long list of European film schools
The list of guests and talks this week include some of the best advanced film, media, and art schools in Europe and inspiring guest speakers:

Practicing your pitch
Whether students at European Film College move on to other and more advanced film schools or whether they will work their way up in the film or media business, a good session for everyone to attend is the pitching workshop with film- and TV-writer Brian McGill.

At this workshop, students can sign up to practice their pitch with Brian in front of the rest of the student body. This will strengthen them for the upcoming selection of the graduation films at European Film College as well as for many other similar situations that they might face in a near future in the film or media business.