16  May  2018

Former students selected for Cannes Film Festival

Several former students have been selected for this year's Cannes Film Festival with their films.

It's time for perhaps the largest and most prestigous film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival. And several former students at European Film College will be attending the film festival with their films:

Katrin Pors and Mikkel Jersin / Snowglobe
Former students Katrin Pors (2003-04) and Mikkel Jersin (2000-01) from Denmark are now producers and co-founders of the production company Snowglobe. The company is Copenhagen-based but with strong international connections, especially with Latin America. Snowglobe focuses on film production across borders.

Snowglobe will be present at the Cannes Film Festival with no less than two feature films, selected for the category 'Directors' Fortnight'. The two films are 'Birds of Passage' and 'Petra'.

Adina Istrate
Student from 2006-07, Adina Istrate, is an award-winning writer/producer from Rumania. She is also co-founder of the production company ToyBox Films.

Her coming film project, 'Eve', was selected for the pitching event 'Breaking Through The Lense' in Cannes.

Agnieszka Gasiorek
Only just recently a student at European Film College (2016-17), young Agnieszka Gasiorek, Poland, is having great success with the documentary film that she made during her stay at European Film College, 'Grandma Dorota'.

Besides having been selected for a long row of festivals during the past year, the film has been selected for this year's Cannes short film festival, Short Film Corner. You can read an interview with Agnieszka here.

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