18  December  2018

Former student Elliott Crosset Hove is Shooting Star in Berlin

Former student Elliott Crosset Hove is selected to be one of 10 European Shooting Stars at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival in February.

For the second time, a former student at European Film College is selected as a European Shooting Star at the Berlinale. In 2011, it was actor Pilou Asbæk. And now, former student Elliott Crosset Hove, is next in line.

Major break-through
Elliott was first noticed for his moving performance as Knud in the Danish film 'In The Blood', written and directed by another former student at European Film College, Rasmus Heisterberg.

However, Elliott's major break-through as an on-screen actor was with his performance in the film 'Winter Brothers' (directed and produced by former students at European Film College). For this performance, Elliott won a Robert (Danish Oscar) for Best Performance by a Male Actor.

The jury said
European Shooting Stars at the Berlinale is a four-day event for new, upcoming acting talents. During the event, the Shooting Stars will be presented to the press and the industry at a long row of events, leading up to the final ceremony, where they will each receive a European Shooting Stars Award.

The jury at European Shooting Stars writes about Elliott:

'Elliott Crossett Hove possesses incredible charisma, understands the natural rhythm of a scene and becomes one not only with his character but also his co-stars. The jury was blown away by his strong presence, deep intuition, effortlessness, responsiveness and raw ability to shift from transparent vulnerability to intimidation, but most importantly, by his clear sense of what it means to be in the moment.'

Promising future
In the near future, we will see Elliott Crosset Hove in 'Before The Frost', a film by another former student at European Film College, Michael Noer. The film premiered in Toronto earlier this year.

Elliott will also be starring alongside Sidse Babett Knudsen in the Danish film, 'Wildlands', which will premiere in 2019.

Closely connected to European Film College
Elliott Crosset Hove is a close friend of European Film College and often visits his former school. Most recently, he visited in November 2018, where he gave two lectures/master classes in acting for the current students at European Film College.

And the current students will perhaps see Elliott again in February, as they will all go on a student trip to the Berlinale.
Elliott Crosset Hove - award-winning actor and former student at European Film College