05  February  2018

Five awards to former students at the Danish Oscars

Sunday was a big night for European Film College as no less than five of the awards at this year's Robert went to former students. The Robert Awards are handed out by the Danish Film Academy.

This year's Robert Award seemed to be devoted to new and young talents in Danish film as the debut feature 'Winter Brothers' won 9 awards out of 15 nominations Sunday night,
including Best Director, Best Male Actor and Best Danish Feature. This makes us especially proud here at European Film College as 'Winter Brothers' is both directed, produced and starred by former students at the college.

'Winter Brothers' is written and directed by former student Hlynur Pàlmason (Iceland), who attended European Film College from 2005-06. Elliott Crosset Hove, who won as Best Male Actor for his role in the same film, was a student from 2009-10, and the producer of 'Winter Brothers' is Julie Waltersdorph, who was a student from 2007-08.

More awards and nominations to European Film College alumni
Furthermore, the film 'Last Men in Aleppo', which is co-directed and edited by former student Steen Johannessen, won as Best Documentary Feature. This film is also nominated for an Oscar in the same category.

And finally, former students also went home with this year's Audience Award as director Rasmus Heide, former student from 1999-2000 won for 'Three Heists and a Hamster' (Alle for tre), which is also produced by a former student, Ronnie Fridthjof.

The dark action film 'Darkland' (Underverden) from young director Fenar Ahmad was also nominated in several categories and took home two awards. 'Darkland' is produced by Jacob Jarek, who was a student at European Film College in 2003-04.

Several more former students were nominated in various categories, including renowned sound designer Peter Albrechtsen (student 1995-96).

Director and former student at European Film College, Hlynur Pàlmason, accepting his Robert for Best Danish Feature.