European Film College announces the recipients of the 2018 Obel Family Foundation scholarships

Jeanne Veldhoen (The Netherlands) and Malthe Rodin (Denmark) are the two recipients of the 2018 Obel Family Foundation Scholarships. At European Film College we are thrilled to award the two students with DKK 85,000 each for outstanding contributions to the professional and the social life at the film school during the 2017-18 programme.

European Film College is very pleased to reveal that once again, the Obel Family Foundation has made it possible for the film school to grant two film students with almost full scholarships shortly after the end of their 8½-month film foundation programme.

Selecting the recipients
More than 30 students from the 2017-18 programme applied for the 2018 Obel Family Foundation scholarships, which of course makes it a hard decision; European Film College has to take a lot of factors into deliberation when selecting the two recipients.

What European Film College looks for when choosing the recipients is students who contributed to their stay both professionally and socially and who have made a special effort in a way that has benefited the whole student group. Financial status, gender, commitments and achievements as a film student are also important factors in the selection process.

Jeanne Veldhoen
Jeanne Veldhoen is 22 years old and comes from The Netherlands. Jeanne receives the Obel scholarship for being diligent in all her work, for her encouragement and support of countless fellow students in their producer tasks, for her engagement in many social activities, and not least for being a good listener and a good friend. Hopefully, the scholarship will support her in the ambition of becoming an internationally oriented producer with a great Danish network.

Jeanne Veldhoen herself says about receiving the scholarship and about being a student at the European Film College:

I really enjoyed European Film College and the year we had. I am so grateful for all the ways you challenged all of us to make things better; not only in our process of filmmaking, but also just in life. I couldn't be more excited for what is ahead. And the scholarship to me is a sign that I'm on a good road! That people believe in me, enough even to support me in such an amazing way. I can't wait to start making projects with all the amazing people we just got to know the past year in Denmark. Actually, we already started the process! European Film College makes people become a family. You live and you learn together. A bright future awaits all of us, who are now part of the EFC Alumni family. So, stay tuned for a lot of good stuff that is coming soon!

Malthe Rodin
Malthe Rodin is 22 years old and comes from Denmark. He receives the Obel scholarship for his initiation of independent, extracurricular productions, where he managed to involve fellow students and inspire them. He is also acknowledged for taking responsibility in social activities for the benefit of the whole school. European Film College will look forward to watching Malthe engage in many more innovative ideas within film and storytelling.

Malthe Rodin says about receiving the scholarship and about his time as a student:

I'm very grateful for the Obel Scholarship, and I feel honored to accept it. It will help me tremendously in pursuing my goal as an editor, especially in terms of equipment for future tasks. The college has taught me a lot, and I will always remember the fantastic creative environment the school offered its students. Here, the passion for working your hardest came quite naturally, and I feel like this is the spirit of the European Film College. Thank you, European Film College, for an incredible year!

About the scholarships
Since 2009, The Obel Family Foundation has kindly supplied European Film College with a yearly amount to be divided into two almost full scholarships for film students graduating European Film College. Students can apply towards the end of the film foundation programme, and the college awards the scholarships soon after.

The Obel Family Foundation is located in Jutland, Denmark, and it is a philanthropic foundation, which supports science, education and culture. You can read more about the Obel Family Foundation here.

Jeanne Veldhoen - student at European Film College and one of two recipients of the 2018 Obel Family Foundation scholarship
Jeanne Veldhoen - student at European Film College and one of two recipients of the 2018 Obel Family Foundation scholarship
Malthe Rodin - student at European Film College and one of two recipients of the 2018 Obel Family Foundation Scholarships