13  April  2019

European Film College achieves the silver badge for organic food

The kitchen at European Film College are proud to announce that they now have a silver badge in terms of serving organic food. The badge is handed out by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

European Film College now have an official certificate stating that the food and drinks that we serve are 60-90% organic. The certificate, a so-called ‘silver badge’ for organic food, is handed out by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, based on the percentage of organic food, ingredients, and drinks purchased by a restaurant or kitchen.

‘In our kitchen at European Film College we focus a lot on sustainability as well as student health, and it is our belief that organic farming and organic food serves both of these purposes. We are very proud to have achieved the silver badge as a token of our values in terms serving sustainable and wholesome food,’ says Head Chef at European Film College, Alexander Lindhard.

Boarding film school
European Film College is unique compared to other film schools in Europe in the way that it is a boarding film school; all 120 students and teachers live on campus and share all meals together, making the food an important part of the social life and the film students’ work.

And to Head Chef Alexander Lindhard, simple quality ingredients combined with a strong craft, should be the center of all meals. And using organic and/or local ingredients help support the sense of a nice, nourishing meal:

“Choosing to work with a high amount of good organic produce drives us to seek knowledge and inspiration in the season, to create tasty and wholesome meals for our students. It also creates a personal drive for the chefs to seek local produce an to collaborate more with the local organic farmers in the future,” Alexander Lindhard says.

About the badge
The silver badge includes all food, ingredients and drinks purchased and served at the school; everything from cereal and juice to flour, meat, vegetables, and wine and beer served at parties. In Denmark you can achieve a bronze badge (30-60%), a silver badge (60-90%), and a gold badge (90-100%).

You can read more about the Danish organic badge system here (in Danish).

The kitchen staff at European Film College showing off their new silver badge for organic food