27  November  2018

Avaz brothers visit European Film College

In November, the Avaz Brothers visited European Film College as guest speakers, talking about being self-taught filmmakers and about the making of the appraised debut feature film 'While We Live'.

When the Avaz Brothers showed up in Danish film a while back, wanting to make a feature film with no money to speak of, no real training or practical experience in filmmaking, and without any support from the official Danish film support system, most people thought it was a joke.

A few years later, everyone is talking about the Avaz Brothers. Their debut feature, 'While We Live', became a big success in Danish cinemas and was widely acclaimed by film critics as well as nominated for several prestigous Danish film awards.

Guest lecture
In November, two of the three Avaz Brothers, visited European Film College as guest speakers. Director Mehdi Avaz and screenwriter Milad Avaz talked to the students about making mainstream low-budget film, about believing in your idea and in yourself, and about being self-taught filmmakers.

Together with a third brother, producer and manager Misam Avaz, they own the production company Rocket Road Pictures.

Above, you can watch an interview with the two brothers, where they talk about 'While We Live' and about being self-taught filmmakers, learning by doing.

Second feature
The Avaz Brothers are currently in production on their second feature film, 'Kollision', which will partially be filmed in the Aarhus area.

The film, which is scheduled to premiere in November 2019, has acclaimed Danish actors Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Nicolas Bro, and Sebastian Jessen on the cast list.

Interview credits
Students at European Film College made the video interview with the Avaz Brothers:

Interview: Ali Sharifi
Editor: Bjørn Frederik Ottosen
Camera 1: Kristoffer Bak Nielsen
Camera 2: Bence Kátal.
Sound: Nicolas Rindsig
Light: VIllads.Staugaard Bøye
Director Mehdi Avaz and Screenwriter Milad Avaz visit European Film College