16  February  2018

Art Week at European Film College

This week, students at European Film College took a break from filmmaking and dived into the world of art and live performance.

Usually, European Film College is all about filmmaking. But this week, during Art Week, a large group of students took a break from film production and submerged in art, music and performance.

New perspective on filmmaking
The purpose of Art Week is to give students at European Film College a chance to experience with art forms different from film production, and through that maybe even get some inspiration and experience that they can actually use when making films.

Acting teacher at European Film College, Pia Bovin, who is in charge of Art Week, says:

'We live in a time where basically every process of filmmaking has been digitalised. This means that some of the original processes of filmmaking have been lost, in a way. And so, by creating a live performance, the students will experience that they can't 'fix it in post'. They are forced to feel in the moment, whether this actually works or not.'

Words, sound and light
Here to inspire and guide the students during Art Week are musician/producer Jesper Grann and performance artist Helle Fuglsang. At the beginning of the week, students were given different sentences as an inspiration to create performances, using light, movement, words, and sound.

'We've been working with a philosophy saying that process and product are equally important. For instance, if they use light, the person controlling the light is also a part of the performance. So, everything you do and why you do it, suddenly has an impact,' performance artist Helle Fuglsang says.

Open to public
The performance is called 'Did he say that?' and will be performed live tonight at 8pm in European Film College's film studio. Musician Jesper Grann says:

'It's not an interactive show, the audience don't have to be afraid that they need to be involved. But they may feel that they are on the stage as well as in front of and behind it!'

Art Week at European Film College.
Art Week at European Film College.
Art Week at European Film College.
Art Week at European Film College.
Art Week at European Film College.