21  March  2019

16 final films go into production at European Film College

Out of 43 proposals, 16 films have now been selected to go into production and become this year’s final films at European Film College. All students will work together on the selected films.

European Film College is buzzing with energy and excitement as students engage in the preproduction phase of this year’s final films. The 16 films have been selected among 43 proposals that were sent in by students. Principal Ellen Riis says about the selected films:

‘Like previous years, there are many genres in the productions that will now be put to work and become this year’s final films. We have three documentaries, each working with different ways of expression, we have animation, and we have a row of different fiction films, contributing with different elements of drama, comedy, surrealism and more. Among the 43 proposals, there was a high percentage of coming-of-age and loss-of-innocence themes, which of course is very understandable, since the filmmakers are young.’

Written proposals and pitching sessions
The 43 proposals were sent in at the beginning of March. Principal Ellen Riis read all the proposals together with Danish producer Michael Fleischer, and over the course of three days the students behind the 43 proposals attended pitching sessions with Ellen and Michael. Out of the 43 proposals, 16 projects were then selected to become final films. Principal Ellen Riis says about the selection:

‘This year’s productions have been picked on the basis of written proposals, a verbal pitch, and then a thorough analysis of all the material. We’ve been looking at the interesting aspects in the actual stories, we’ve been focusing on whether it seemed possible and justifiable to put the stories into production, and we’ve been considering the cinematic potential and the diversity in the different stories, artistic expressions and emotions. Together, the finished films will hopefully show a great variety of quality and potential to families, friends, and the film business.’

Here we go!
All students are now forming crews, casting, finding locations, and planning the production period, Ellen Riis says:

‘Right now, there’s an atmosphere that feels like: ready, set, go! Everyone is finding their roles and places, in front of the camera and behind the camera. All students will be involved; some of them will take part in several productions, others will put all their focus into one production. Together, all students will work together and make the equivalent of two feature films all together. All the teachers and staff, and our entire production machinery and post production pipeline; everyone is ready to step on it and work hard during the next weeks. I hope for all the students that they will learn a lot, grow in the process – and have fun!’

The 16 final films will be finished at the end of April and screened at a gala premiere a few days before the students graduate and leave European Film College.
Film students on set - European Film College, Ebeltoft, Denmark