29  August  2019

120 new students move into European Film College

120 young people from all over the world embark on a journey for life as the 2019-20 film foundation programme just started at European Film College.

Monday afternoon, European Film College started filling up with 120 young expectant students as a new school year begun. From all over the world, the new film students arrived and moved into the college, which will be their home for the next year.

Multicultural environment
This year, 19 different nationalities are represented among the students at European Film College: France, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Norway, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Iceland, Australia, Italy, Canada, Belgium, South Africa, India, Spain, Albania, and Denmark.

‘We know that some of you have travelled really far – and others not so far. But for all of you, I am sure it has been a big decision to move to European Film College in Ebeltoft for almost a year,’ Principal Ellen Riis told the new students at her welcome speech.

Finding your voice
The hopes and dreams of the new students at European Film College are as varied as the students. Age of the students span from 18 to 32 years old; some of them have absolutely no experience with film, some of them have a lot. But European Film College is a folk high school, and differences and diversity is the spirit of the folk high school and the strength of European Film College, Principal Ellen Riis told the new students:

‘Some of you will find your voice as a filmmaker while you are at the school; whether it be as a sound person, an actor, as a cinematographer. And some of you will know, after European Film College, that you would rather be a school teacher, a doctor, or a carpenter. But all of you will start finding your own voice as humans, being able to take part in this world and in keeping it sustainable. And we hope that we can support you in finding that voice.’

Introduction weeks
During the first week, students at European Film College will be introduced to the many opportunities at their new school, and they will slowly get to know each other as well as the staff and teachers through various activities and meetings.

They will go on a sunset trip in ‘Mols Mountains’, they will meet every department, be introduced to the different teachers and courses, and they will hang out in the sun!

In the second week, students will be introduced to European Film College’s famous team building exercise, called Shooting Games. Developed by camera teacher Petru Maier, Shooting Games is a unique exercise, where all 120 students are introduced to most of the major roles on a film set: screenwriter, director, camera, producing, and acting. And during only 5 days, they will all try each role once and produce 120 short films together, while also becoming stronger as a group.

First courses
After the two intro weeks, students will start their first 3-week basic courses in screenwriting, producing, directing, documentary, camera, lighting, sound, editing, or acting. And they will start their first production of short films after the first basic course.

Until January, there will be three rounds of basic courses, each followed by a 2-week production of short films. After new year’s there will be workshops, documentary project, special courses, a student trip, and production of the final films.

Want to know more?
Interested in attending European Film College? You can still apply for our 2019-20 waiting list in case someone drops out. And in October, you will be able to register for our 2020-21 programme. You can read more about our film foundation programme and how to register here on the website, and you are always welcome to contact us!

The new students at European Film College on the annual sunrise trip
The new students at European Film College on the annual sunrise trip
Welcome to the class of 2019-20 at European Film College