30  August  2018

120 new film students check in at European Film College

A new school year has begun at European Film College, where 120 new students just arrived for the 2018-19 film foundation programme.

For the next 8,5 months, students will live at the film school and learn all the basic tools of filmmaking. They will be introduced to all the major fields in a film production, such as directing, acting, producing, documentary, cinematography, sound design, film editing, and screenwriting. They will experiment, make films, make mistakes, learn, and hopefully find their very own personal voice.

Intro Weeks
The first week at European Film College is Intro Week, where film students are introduced to each other, staff and teachers, and the daily life at the school. Friday they will also have a welcome party.

Next week students will be introduced briefly to the major fields in filmmaking through the famous and very fun 5-day exercise called The Five Obstructions (formerly known as Shooting Games). During this exercise, students make 120 very short films in one week while briefly touching each major field of filmmaking and having a great time doing it!

Film students from all over the world
The student body at European Film College this year is as diverse as ever. 167 applications were recieved this year, and the 120 accepted students come from all over the world.

This year, the following nationalities are present at the film school: Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Czech Repl., Luxembourg, Israel, USA, Canada, South Korea, India, The Netherlands, Japan, and Hungary.

This year the applications for European Film College showed a majority of male applicants over female applicants, which is also reflected on the gender distribution this year, with 77 male students and 43 female students.
All 120 film students at European Film College gathered in the school's big cinema