Nikolaj Arcel

Nikolaj Arcel, Denmark, was a student at the European Film College from 1994-1995. After that he went to the National Film School of Denmark, where he graduated as a director in 2001 with the award-winning graduation film, 'Woyzeck's Last Symphony'. He became a big name in Denmark with the film, 'King's Game', which he directed - and also co-wrote together with his fellow EFC alumni, Rasmus Heisterberg, with whom he writes most of his films.

In 2012, Nikolaj wrote and directed the film 'A Royal Affair', which was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. It also won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for Best Screenplay. Nikolaj currently lives in LA.

Nikolaj Arcel says about his stay at the European Film College:

'First of all, the EFC was where I met most of the people I work with today. I met Rasmus, I met my cinematographer, my editor, even my favourite sound guy, so we were like a whole team coming out of here. We had a really good time here, and this was the first time I met other people who were also into films as much as I was. You meet a lot of like-minded people, so it's a great way to network and learn.'
Nikolaj Arcel

Director, writer



Especially known for
'A Royal Affair', 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'