Guest teachers at European Film College

Besides our professional and international faculty consisting of 9 fulltime film teachers, you will also meet a long row of guest teachers from the professional industry during the 8,5-month film foundation prgoramme.

The more knowledge you have about the world around you, the more you can draw on when making your films. Therefore, an important part of the 8,5-month film foundation programme at European Film College is our guest teachers.

Throughout the entire programme, you will attend common lectures in our big cinema, Big Bear, on various (and mostly film related) subjects. The film school is lucky in being able to attract acknowledged film professionals from the international as well as the Danish film industry. They enjoy visiting the college, hanging out for a few days, sharing their knowledge and experience with our students.

We also often invite guest teachers to teach workshops or courses in the spring.

Here is a list of some of the recent guest lecturers at European Film College - some of them visit on a regular basis::

Frederikke Aspöck (Danish director)
Mehdi and Milas Avaz (While We Live, Collision)
Werner Herzog (award-winning director)
Adam Gough (BAFTA-nominated editor)
Fabian Wagner (former EFC student and cinematographer)
Jan Harlan (Stanley Kubrick's producer)
Joachim Trier (award-winning director and former EFC student)
Joshua Oppenheimer (award-winning documentary director)
Sturla Brandth Grøvlen (former EFC student and awardwinning cinematographer, 'Victoria')
Grímar Jonsson (acclaimed Icelandic director)
Mamoun Hassan (British screenwriter, editor, director, producer, and film analytic)
Darin Mercado (script writer and script teacher at the National Film School of Denmark)
Guy Davidi (Israeli director, "5 Broken Cameras")
Christine Vachon (American producer in independent cinema, 'Carol', 'Happiness', 'Boys Don't Cry' etc.)
Thomas Vinterberg (Danish director)
Anders Østergaard (Oscar-winning Danish documentarist)
Michael Noer (former EFC student and award-winning director)
Janus Metz (award-winning director)
Nikolaj Arcel (former EFC student and award-winning director)
Ronnie Fridthjof (former EFC student and award-winning producer)
Rasmus Heisterberg (former EFC student and award-winning screenwriter)
Gustavo Costantini (sound designer and musician)
Lone Scherfig (award-winning director)
Christina Rosendahl (director and former EFC student)
Anders Villadsen (editor)
Martin Strange-Hansen (director)
and many more...

For interviews with some of our guest teachers, visit our Student Films section ("Interviews etc.)

Jan Harlan, Stanley Kubrick's Executive Producer, giving one of his many lectures at European Film College
Jan Harlan, Stanley Kubrick's Executive Producer, giving one of his many lectures at European Film College
Awardwinning director Lone Scherfig doing a workshop at European Film College.
Werner Herzog and Joshua Oppenheimer together with a group of students at the European Film College
Fabian Wagner - former student at European Film College and cinematographer of several episodes of Game of Thrones
Awardwinning cinematographer and former student at European Film College, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Adam Gough - editor of Roma, Children of Men, and In Bruges. Visiting European Film College, 2019.
Director Mehdi Avaz and Screenwriter Milad Avaz visit European Film College
Frederikke Aspöck, director. Frequent visitor and guest lecturer at European Film College, Denmark.