EFC Ambassadors

Not all of our EFC Ambassadors have had the chance to make a presentation film yet. That doesn't mean you can't get in touch with them! Below you can see their names and countries. Feel free to contact anyone of them.

Aris Patschurek, Germany:
Christoph Lindemann, Germany:
Birgit Käsper, Estonia:
Adina Istrate, Romania:
Shir Comay, Israel:
Athanasia Michopoulou, Greece:
Peter Rusev, Bulgaria:
Johan Rooms, Japan:
Shiori Hashimoto, Japan:
Tuan Minh Tran, Vietnam:
Runa Hansen, UK:
Lucy Jones, UK:
Dan Rosen, Canada:
Christopher King, Canada:
Eleonoora Rinnekangas, Finland:
Sarah Haber, USA:
Flora Tessel, Netherlands:
Clara Ayxandria, Spain:
Catalina Sinisterra, Colombia: