As a student at European Film College you become part of a global network of EFC students, alumni, teachers and guest teachers. You will meet the whole world in Ebeltoft, and you take it with you when you leave.

When you graduate from European Film College, you become part of a global family of almost 3000 former students and teachers. Wherever you go in the world, you will be able to find fellow "EFC'ers" (as we call ourselves) and feel connected through your fellow experiences in Ebeltoft.

You will be able to connect to other year groups via social media, with help from the college, at festivals, and at EFC Reunions.

Daily community on campus
The community feeling is also an important aspect of the daily life as a student at European Film College. The school is a tight-knit community, a boiling pot of filmmaking, cultural exchange, and friendships for life. We believe that this makes the best foundation for a future in the film industry and we are proud to say that a lot of our students proved us right.

Online community
Are you not a student at European Film College yet, but still considering? Then our various platforms on social media are a great way of getting a sense of our community without having visited the school (yet).

Feel free to follow us on various social platforms:

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