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European Film College is seeking a full-time Cinematography Teacher

After 29 years on the job, one of our Cinematography teachers, Petru Maier, is retiring. Therefore we are seeking a dedicated cinematographer to fill the full-time position for our 1-year film foundation program.

European Film College (EFC) offers an internationally acclaimed 1-year film foundation program (exact duration: 36 weeks). The curriculum combines classroom instruction in the different areas of filmmaking with extended production periods engaging the entire student body. The students are not specialized but will try out the different fields of filmmaking in three rounds of basic courses.

European Film College is part of the Danish folk high school tradition. While offering a foundation course in film making, EFC is also the school where young people get to develop as human beings. Part of the school’s yearly program is about developing yourself and who you are, by participating in all sorts of activities unrelated to filmmaking.

When you’re a teacher at European Film College, you’re also expected to be a team teacher with responsibility for a social team of 14 students and to take time to participate in social events on the school.

The student body consists of 120 young students, often from more than 25 countries. The school is a residential school where the students and teachers live on campus. The working environment is vibrant, creative and international with an emphasis on openness, respect, diversity and trust. The working language is English.

The school has 30 permanent employees, including an international faculty, and a committed practical and administrative staff. In addition, an extensive network of Danish and international filmmakers visit the school as guest teachers. The school also operates the local cinema and offer 1-week summer courses (in Danish) during the summer period.

The position includes:

• teaching and training 3 groups of 14 students during the so-called “Camera Course” (4 weeks for each group) and bring them to a level of proficiency which allows them to be in charge and manage the picture recording for a 5-minute fiction film. The cameras used for teaching and production are Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K G2 EF, with 5 Samyang prime lenses.

• tutoring and evaluating students in three rounds of 5-min course projects from development through to completion (in the fall semester)

• teaching a Cinematography course, either theoretical or practical (or both) in the spring semester for students who might want more in-depth knowledge about cinematography.

• mentoring and nurturing students to develop their skills and visual sense.

• collaborating with other teachers and fields on exercises and projects – the school also employs a full-time teacher in Lighting for Film, and you will be collaborating with other teachers and fields, too.

• teaching a Friday Subject in course periods (Friday Subject is a weekly 3-hour course in subjects not directly linked to film, but with a forming function, ex. drawing, nature walks, photography, history, politics etc.)

• lectures and introductions to screenings.

• contributing to the students’ welfare and personal development within established structures.

The position also includes contributing to practical responsibilities such as:

- Teacher of the Week: practical responsibility for the school and students, outside

usual working hours on a rotating roster.

- coordination of student activities and social events.

- involvement in evening and weekend arrangements with students as required.

- participation in faculty meetings.

There is a concentrated workload during the 1-year program (1650 hours, a full-time equivalent, spread out from early August until mid-May), and with an extended summer break as compensation, with full pay throughout the 12 months. In addition, there is a fixed vacation over the Christmas period (2-3 weeks).

Selection criteria:

• Experience as a cinematographer on a professional level.

• Knowledge of film history, film technology and film production processes.

• Ability to tutor and evaluate the individual student with curiosity, openness, and a critical eye.

• Knowledge of film history and a broad insight into current cinema.

• The ability to oversee and tutor a high number of productions.

• The ability to be structured, flexible and able to work under pressure.

• Good communication skills in English and ability to speak in public.

• Highly developed social skills including the ability to relate to people from diverse

background and cultures.

• Sense of initiative, maturity, and good judgement.

• Teaching and mentoring experience an advantage.

We offer:

• an intense and challenging working atmosphere with highly motivated students and

ambitious and committed colleagues.

• creative freedom with the possibility of shaping your course and choose extra curriculum

activities in your fields of interest.

• A chance to live and teach in the democratic and humanistic tradition of the Scandinavian

folk high school system.

• A comfortable, furnished 3-room bedroom apartment on campus, at a moderate rent, situated with a spectacular view in one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark.

• The college chefs prepare three meals a day, provided at small cost.

• Salary is according to the rules of the Danish Ministry of Culture, i.e. The Ministry of

Culture executive order re. employment no. 140 of February 10, 2016.

The application:

For further information, please contact Åsa Mossberg, Principal: aasa.mossberg@europeanfilmcollege.com

Please send an application addressing the selection criteria, as well as CV and references to:


The deadline is April 21st, 2023.

More information:

More information about our 1-year programme can be found on our website.

Read more about the Danish folk high schools here: https://danishfolkhighschools.com/about-folk-high-schools/what-is-a-folk-high-school