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European Film College is seeking a fulltime teacher in editing

European Film College (EFC) is seeking a full-time editing teacher for the 1-year film foundation programme. Commencement date: August 1st 2024 Application deadline: May 15th 2024

EFC offers an internationally acclaimed 1-year film foundation programme (exact duration: 36 weeks, running from mid-August to mid-May). The curriculum combines classroom instruction in the different areas of filmmaking with extended production periods, engaging the entire student body. Students are not specialized but try out the different fields of filmmaking in three rounds of basic courses. In the spring, the students dive deeper into filmmaking and participate in shorter courses and workshops.

EFC is part of the Danish folk high school tradition. While EFC offers a foundation course in filmmaking, it is foremost a folk high school, where young people get to develop as human beings and citizens in a democratic society. An essential part of the learning at EFC is therefore also about collaboration, taking part of a community, and about personal growth.

When you are a teacher at EFC, you are expected to take part in all parts of the learning at EFC, and you will be assigned with a social team of 15 students. You will be your team’s social contact on campus, and you will support them in doing practical duties and arrange social events on campus.

The student body consists of 120 young students, often from more than 25 different countries. The school is a boarding school, meaning that students and teachers live on campus. The work environment is vibrant, creative, and international, with an emphasis on EFC’s core values: curiosity, respect, and responsibility. The working and teaching language is English.

The school has 30 permanent employees, including an international faculty and a committed practical and administrative staff. In addition, an extensive network of Danish and international filmmakers and other guests visit the school throughout the programme. EFC also operates a local cinema.

During the summer, EFC hosts a few 1-week summer courses, and some of the teachers at EFC take part in these summer courses.

The position includes:

  • teaching foundation level students film editing through courses, exercises and tutoring of film projects throughout the film foundation programme
  • teaching 6-week courses in basic editing (AVID) (4 weeks of classroom teaching + 2 weeks of production of course exercises) and other courses according to demands and curriculum.
  • teaching students both cinematic storytelling through editing but also workflow and digital file management
  • tutoring and evaluating student projects from development to completion
  • mentoring and nuturing students to develop their skills and personal voice
  • maintaining editing suites and the AVID Nexis system – and preparing and testing our AVID Media Composer / Adobe Premiere Pro workstations for deployment (in collaboration with our IT Manager)
  • collaboration – working closely with the other teachers and fields on exercises, projects and development
  • doing common lectures and introductions to film screenings
  • contributing to students’ welfare and personal development within established structures
  • contributing to practical and community-centered responsibilities, including:
    • taking shifts as “Teacher of the Day”, where you are responsible for the school, for students, and guests outside usual working hours on a rotation roster
    • coordinating student activities and social events
    • making sure that your social team stick to their duties etc.
    • involvement in evening and weekend activities with students, including the school’s annual Open House
    • active participation in faculty and staff meetings

There is a concentrated workload during the duration of the film foundation programme, where you work 1650 hours during the 9-months programme, from early August to the end of May), but with a compensation in the form of an extended summer break with full pay. In addition, there is an extended Christmas break (app. 2-3 weeks).

Selection criteria

  • Experience as a film editor on a professional level.
  • The ability to tutor and evaluate the individual student with curiosity, openness, and a critical eye.
  • Knowledge of narrative approaches and tools.
  • The ability to oversee and tutor a high number of productions.
  • The ability to be structured, flexible, and able to work under pressure.
  • Good communication skills in English – and the ability to speak in public.
  • Highly developed social skills, including the ability to relate to people from many different backgrounds and cultures.
  • A sense of initiative, maturity, and good judgement.
  • Teaching and tutoring experience is an advantage, but not mandatory.

We offer:

  • an intense and challenging working atmosphere with highly motivated students and ambitious and committed colleagues
  • creative freedom with the possibility of shaping your own classes and to offer other courses in your fields of interest, whether it’s painting, philosophy, or music
  • a chance to teach in the democratic and humanistic tradition of the Danish folk high school system
  • a comfortable furnished 3-bedroom apartment at a moderate rent on campus, situated with a spectacular view in one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark
  • three meals a day during the 1-year programme, prepared by our chefs, provided at a small cost
  • salary: According to the rules of the Danish Ministry of Culture, i.e. The Ministry of Culture Executive Order re. Employement no. 140 of February 10, 2016

The Application

For further information, please contact Principal Åsa Mossberg: aasa.mossberg@europeanfilmcollege.com

Please send an application, addressing the selection criteria as well as CV and any relevant references to: info@europeanfilmcollege.com

More information about EFC can be found at: www.europeanfilmcollege.com

More information about the Danish folk high schools can be found at: www.danishfolkhighschools.com