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Here you can read more about our management, our full-time teachers, and our dedicated practical and administrative staff. You can also read about our board members. Click on the pictures for more information.

Asger Lindqvist is a sound designer, teaching sound at European Film College.

Asger Lindqvist

Originally with a background in music and composition, Asger graduated with a BA in Sound Design from Sonic College in 2014. Since then he has worked and lived in both Berlin, Los
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Halfdan Muuholm teaches Documentary at European Film College in Denmark

Halfdan Muurholm

Halfdan has directed and produced dozens of documentaries from all over the world. He has been awarded prizes for his film work, in particular in the subjects of Climate Change
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jim fernald

Jim Fernald

Jim grew up near Boston, in an area noted for its writers (Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, Hawthorne) and an appreciation of literature was instilled in him early on. He studied English
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Lars Lehmann - Producing teacher at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Lars Lehmann

Lars has produced many award winning films and programs, including “SOLITAIRE”, a feature length Christmas film nominated for four Genie (Canadian Screen Awards), FUGITIVE’S RUN, K
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Nicole Palo is an American-Belgian director and teaches acting at European Film College

Nicole Palo

Nicole Palo is a Belgian-American director and screenwriter, born in the US. After graduating from the University of Brussels with majors in Journalism and Scriptwriting, she studi
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petru maier

Petru Maier

Petru has taught Cinematography at EFC since 1994, after a Cinematographer career with the Romanian Motion Picture Studios. After attaining the BA in Cinematography, he worked for
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Suzanne Popp

Suzanne Popp

Suzanne Popp has worked as a cinematographer in both New York and Denmark, and is a trained cinematographer from the NYU film school. Whereas light for film is often seen as a v
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Søren B. Ebbe - Editor and Editing Teacher at European Film College

Søren B. Ebbe

Søren graduated from the National Filmschool in Beaconsfield, London in 1996. Moving back to Denmark with his family, after nearly 10 years in UK, he started working in the danish
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Zareh Tjeknovarian is directing teacher at European Film College, Denmark

Zareh Tjeknavorian

Zareh was born in Fargo, North Dakota into a family of musicians and grew up in Tehran, London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York. At age four he switched plans from being an astronaut
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