Nikolaj Davidsen is Principal at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Nikolaj Davidsen

Principal. Nikolaj has a background as a musician, and has an education from the music conservatory as an electric bass player. He has played in many bands in the styles of pos
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Per Nielsen

Per Nielsen

Financial Manager. After college, Per went on a motorcycle trip to Aswan in Egypt. He worked for a while, until he saved up enough money to take a trip across the USA. As part o
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Åsa Mossberg is an award-winning editor and Vice Principal at European Film College.

Åsa Mossberg

Principal. Åsa is from Gothenburg, Sweden. She moved to Denmark in 1993 and attended the danish film school to become a film editor. She graduated in 1997. Since then she ha
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Asger Lindqvist is a sound designer, teaching sound at European Film College.

Asger Lindqvist

Originally with a background in music and composition, Asger graduated with a BA in Sound Design from Sonic College in 2014. Since then he has worked and lived in both Berlin, Los
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Halfdan Muuholm teaches Documentary at European Film College in Denmark

Halfdan Muurholm

Halfdan has directed and produced dozens of documentaries from all over the world. He has been awarded prizes for his film work, in particular in the subjects of Climate Change
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Ivan Szabo is currently a screenwriting teacher at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Ivan Szabo

Ivan is a screenwriter from Budapest, Hungary. He has three feature films to his name as screenwriter all of which were screened and awarded at major European and international fes
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Lars Lehmann - Producing teacher at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Lars Lehmann

Lars has produced many award winning films and programs, including “SOLITAIRE”, a feature length Christmas film nominated for four Genie (Canadian Screen Awards), FUGITIVE’S RUN, K
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Suzanne Popp

Suzanne Popp

Suzanne Popp has worked as a cinematographer in both New York and Denmark, and is a trained cinematographer from the NYU film school. Whereas light for film is often seen as a v
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Søren B. Ebbe - Editor and Editing Teacher at European Film College

Søren B. Ebbe

Søren graduated from the National Filmschool in Beaconsfield, London in 1996. Moving back to Denmark with his family, after nearly 10 years in UK, he started working in the danish
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Yoram Astrakhan is camera teacher at European Film College.

Yoram Astrakhan

Born & raised in Israel, Yoram started his cinematic education at the Hadassah College Of Technology photography school in Jerusalem, where he graduated with honors. He then contin
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Zareh Tjeknovarian is directing teacher at European Film College, Denmark

Zareh Tjeknavorian

Zareh was born in Fargo, North Dakota into a family of musicians and grew up in Tehran, London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York. At age four he switched plans from becoming an astron
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Alexander Lindhard - Head Chef at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Alexander Lindhard

Head chef. Alexander was borned and raised in Aarhus and comes from a family of teachers. However, Alexander chose differently and decided early on to become a chef. He studied
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Anne Nordenhof - PR & Marketing at European Film College

Anne Nordenhof

Communication & PR. Anne became a journalist in 2005 (University of Southern Denmark), after which she worked both as a radio reporter and a radio host for a few years. After that,
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Ingrid Winther Koldbæk

Jacob Kjær-Madsen - AV/IT responsible at European Film College

Jacob Kjær-Madsen

IT & AV Manager.
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jan foldager pedersen

Jan Foldager Pedersen

Chef. Jan has a university degree in mathematics and data, and he worked in the industry for a year, before deciding to become a chef in stead. Jan trained at the La Tour re
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jan rene christensen

Jan René Jensen

Caretaker. Jan qualified as a carpenter in 1978, and since then he has worked on the restoration of old buildings in Ebeltoft as well as spending a period working in Germany.
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jim fernald

Jim Fernald

Jim is currently on a sabbatical leave and will return in January 2023. Jim grew up near Boston, in an area noted for its writers (Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, Hawthorne) and an ap
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Lars Busk Andersen

Lars Busk Andersen

Caretaker. Lars completed his education in 1984 as a skilled metal worker - locksmith/blacksmith - and in 1988, he became an AP Graduate in Construction Technology. Lars spe
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Lone Paulsen

Lone Juul Paulsen

Matron. Lone trained as an office assistant and has worked at the land registry office in Silkeborg as well as doing a variety of catering jobs. Lone joined the EFC as matro
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Maria Reng

Marianne Vidkjær is bookkeeper at European Film College

Marianne Vidkjær

Bookkeeper. Marianne was born and raised right here on Mols, and spent the first 9 years of school at Molsskolen. Since 1982 she has been living in Ebeltoft, and this was also w
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Marius Folkmann

Mette Marie Pedersen - rengøringsassistent på Den Europæiske Filmhøjskole

Mette Marie Pedersen

Cleaning Assistant.
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Michael Moeslund

Caretaker. Michael lives here in Ebeltoft with his wife and their three boys. Before joining the EFC, Michael was trained as a skilled stainless steel blacksmith, made special t
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Michael Schmid - Chef at European Film College in Ebeltoft

Michael Schmid

Chef. Michael was born and raised in Schwitzerland, where he trained as a professional chef and waiter at restaurant Edelweiss. 20 years ago, he moved to Denmark to live with hi
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Nadia Lund

Nojus Bendikas

petru maier

Petru Maier, DFF

After attaining the BA in Cinematography a Cinematographer career with the Romanian Motion Picture Studios, he worked for a number of studio productions ranging from commercials an
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Poul-Erik Borby is Equipment Manager at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Poul-Erik Borby

Equipment Manager. Poul-Erik is a skilled photographer and has more than 30 years of work experience with TV production. In the past, he worked as filmmaker, photographer, editor,
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Randi Andersen

Rikke Braderup

Public cinema manager.
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Sarah Kirkegaard

Office Assistant & Financial Assistant. Sarah trained as a social worker in 2011 and has experience from the municipality where she worked with citizens on sick leave and helped
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Sidsel Gry Trenckner - køkkenassistent på Den Europæiske Filmhøjskole

Sidsel Gry Trenckner

Susanne Brandt Nonbo

Susanne Brandt Nonbo

Student Administrator & Admissions Manager. A former tennis champion (she played for several years on the Danish national team!), Susanne is a state-certified translator and in
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