European Film College's vision is to be the world's best film foundation course with a broad humanistic approach to the developing of each student and an understanding of film as a collaborative art form. These are our values:

European Film College's most valuable strength is quality: quality in teaching and in projects, quality in the residential life and quality of the physical environment as an environment for learning and for personal growth.

Diversity is a crucial quality in the folk high school tradition: an open and inclusive atmosphere with room for human, cultural and methodical diversity. Diversity is just as crucial in artistic formation, where there is never only one answer or style, but always conflicting point of views, co-existing side by side.
The sense of community is an important aspect of the daily life at EFC as well as in our relation to our surrounding world. We must strive to create the feeling that everybody works towards the same goals, solving the challenges together.

It is crucial in the school's meeting with students and business to focus on development and dynamics. The school prioritizes constant development, improvement and refinement in all its processes and structures, and strives to face new opportunities progressively and curiously.