Here, you can read about our vision and the values that we use as guidelines in everything that we do, both in our daily life with students and colleagues and in our interaction with the surrounding world.

European Film College is a Danish folk high school with a focus on film production. We offer students a thorough holistic insight into the main functions of filmmaking, through combination of theory and hands on experiences in an authentic film production scenario, where collaboration is highlighted.

We believe in a community built on commitment, trust, and dialogue, and aim to support each student’s opportunities on a personal level, as a filmmaker and craftsperson, and above all, as a responsible citizen in a democratic society.

While learning basic film skills, we examine the world and learn with curiosity and an investigative mind. We focus on teamwork in an open and demanding learning environment, and we strive to provide a solid professional foundation.

We represent a teaching environment that is a shelter from the highly competitive film industry and education system. With room for doubt and mistakes. And with time to examine the material. We are not afraid to challenge, push, and make demands, but it should always be with one purpose in mind: to build up confidence and self-esteem in an atmosphere where everybody can feel equal and safe.

We aim to give our students a set of universal skills and a sense of responsibility which will benefit them across all aspects of their life, work, and society – regardless of where their future endeavors take them.

Last, but not least, we wish to inspire a sustainable lifestyle – in the filmmaking process and in general – based on the idea that it is possible to meet personal and common needs with a respect for the future generations.


We approach the world, our students, and the art of filmmaking with curiosity and playfulness. There is no single truth when we encounter other human beings or a piece of art, and we should always enter any room with curiosity and an enquiring, open mind.


Respect between people goes both ways. Students must be respected for whom they are. And, at the same time, students must respect the school’s wish to involve them in the building of a community of mutual and equal respect. Respect is the most important foundation when it comes to teamwork. Not just in the filmmaking process, but in all contexts where people interact.


We take responsibility for our actions – and our mistakes. We take responsibility towards our surroundings, our environment, and each other. We understand that we have a responsibility to creating a better future. Both for ourselves, and for future generations, by aiming towards sustainable solutions.