Week 6 - February 2019
Mon 04Paul C. Ryan Tue 05Jim Fernald Wed 06Pia Bovin Thu 07Rui Silva Fri 08Suzanne Popp Sat 09Nick Wright
08:30-09:00Breakfast in the Dining Hall
09:00-11:15BERLINALE tickets extravaganza in dining hall
11:30-12:15Showcase 1: Media College Denmark, Viborg (in English)
12:30-13:00Lunch in the Dining Hall
13:30-15:00Room check
14:00-14:45Showcase 2: ZeLIG, Bolzano (in English)
15:00-15:45Showcase 3: FAMU, Prague (In English)
15:45-15:45Snacks served in the Dining Hall
16:00-16:45Showcase 4: IADT, Dublin (in English)
17:00-17:45Showcase 5: ArtEZ University of the Arts, Amsterdam (In English)
18:30-19:00Dinner in the Dining Hall
19:00-20:00Future Weeks Drinks Reception (Cafe)
20:00-21:40Documentary Screening: The Distant Barking of Dogs (2017, Denmark)
22:00-23:00Yin Yoga (Teal Common Room)
10:00-10:40Berlinale ticket buying
10:45-11:25Aarhus Film Workshop (BB) Aage Rais
11:30-12:15Showcase 6: Danish Film School (in Danish) Vinca Wiedemann
13:00-13:15EFC Media Group: editorial meeting, Central Study
13:30-14:00Hallway Check
14:00-14:45Showcase 7: Multiplatform Storytelling VIA (in Danish) Henrik Højer
15:00-15:45Showcase 8: Norwegian Film School (in English) Arne Dahr
16:00-16:45Showcase 9: Netherlands Film Academy (in Dutch) Elvira Pouw
19:00-20:00Future Weeks Drinks reception (cafe)
19:30-21:45Ebeltoft Filmclub
20:30-22:00Screening (LB): Fences (2016, US) Cinematography by EFC graduate Charlotte Bruus Christensen
07:00-08:00Vinyasa Yoga (Teal Common Room)
10:00-10:30Berlinale Ticket buying
10:00-11:00Catch up meeting - staff
10:30-11:15Media Funding Talk (Ene Katrine Rasmussen and Bistra Georgieva)
11:25-12:25Producers Panel: How to get a job in a Production Company
13:00-14:00Team meetings
14:00-17:00Pitching Masterclass: Brian McGill
19:00-20:00Future Weeks Drinks Reception (Cafe)
20:00-21:45Documentary Screening (Big Bear): Kiki (2016, Sweden)
09:00-09:45Teachers Meeting
09:00-12:00Pitching practice: Brian McGill
12:30-13:30Student council meeting
14:00-17:00Film School Screening 1: A collection of short films from participating schools
17:00-18:00Mindful talk
20:00-22:10Public Cinema: Kursk
20:00-22:25Student Screening (Little Bear): The Life of Others (2006, Germany) with Joyce
10:30-11:45Screening: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993, USA)
20:00-21:25First Feature Friday (Little Bear): Oh Boy (2012, Germany)
20:00-22:10Public Cinema: Kursk
10:00-11:00Saturday Breakfast
11:00-13:00Hot Brunch
14:00-16:45Student Screening (Big Bear): Metropolis (1927, Germany) with Joyce
20:00-21:40Student Screening (Little Bear): Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1973, West Germany) with Joyce
20:00-22:10Public Cinema: Kursk