Gender policy and criteria for registration

Registration criteria and gender policy at European Film College

At European Film College, we follow the legal requirements for Danish folk high schools, meaning that both our summer courses and our 1-year film foundation programme are open for everyone over the age of 17,5 years - with a few exceptions at our 1-year programme.



Everyone over the age of 17,5 can register for our 1-year programme, regardless of nationality, since all of our teaching is in English.

We are, however, bound by law as a Danish folk high school, subsidised by the Danish state, to have at least 50% Danish students at all times. Therefore, to be safe in case of students leaving the programme prematurely, we accept app. 55% Danish students at the 1-year programme.

This means that if a Danish student cancel their registration, the first Danish student on the waiting list (with our gender policy as an exception, see below) will be offered the place.

Gender policy

On our 1-year programme, we aim for an even distribution of gender at European Film College. This is to support gender diversity and gender equality on campus as well as in the Danish and international film business – and it is consistent with one of our core values, which is diversity.

In reality, this means that a person of a certain gender may be moved ahead on the waiting list if we asses that this will maintain an equal distribution of gender.

We also encourage all young people no matter sexuality and gender identity to register for EFC.

Furthermore, we aim for gender diversity when hiring employees and guest teachers and when selecting film screenings.


All of our 1-week summer courses are open for everyone over the age of 17,5 years, with no exceptions.

The registration usually opens in February, and it is first in, first served. If you do not get a spot, you can register for free on our waiting list and will be contacted if a spot opens up.

At any time, you can contact us to know your place on the waiting list.

The teaching on all our summer courses is in Danish.