06  December  2017

Ellen Riis new Principal at European Film College

After almost four years as Principal at the European Film College, Nadia Kløvedal Reich has decided to return to her family in Copenhagen and seek new challenges. The board has appointed Ellen Riis as new Principal, and she will start on February 1st 2018.

Ellen Riis is best known as a film producer with focus on supporting new talent and has an impressive educational and occupational background. She has a degree in Communications (Cand.phil.) and has worked as a press officer at Nordisk Film, as a journalistic researcher in Germany for six years, and as producer and head of department at Deluca Film. In 2006, she founded her own production company, Basmati Film, and most recently, she is coming from a position as lecturer and teaching coordinator at VIA University, where she was also responsible for building the international department of VIA’s programme, ‘Multiplatform Storytelling and Production’.

The Board Chairman at European Film College, Henning Camre, says:

‘After four years as Principal, Nadia Kløvedal Reich has decided to seek new paths. She is leaving behind a film school, which has gone through a rapid development on all fronts – the student dorms and the technological equipment has been expanded and renewed, the school rests on a strong financial situation, and it has a top tuned international faculty and a strong and competent practical staff at its disposal. And fortune has smiled upon us; the school’s strong reputation has attracted a strong field of candidates, and we have picked Ellen Riis as our new Principal. She will be a Principal with an extensive amount of knowledge and experience, and I feel convinced that Ellen will be capable of carrying on and expanding the solid foundation that she is taking over from Nadia Kløvedal Reich.’

Future Principal at European Film College, Ellen Riis, says:

‘To be handed the responsibility of a Danish folk high school is a great privilege and a big responsibility. European Film College has made its mark everywhere with its internationally acknowledged level of professionalism. I look very much forward to using my pedagogical skills, my network and my experience in my future work with interesting young film talents, who develop their film knowledge and their personality simultaneously, and who, throughout their stay at European Film College move closer to a clarification of their future paths in life. I look forward to moving to Ebeltoft and to work with a dedicated and skilled group of staff and teachers.’

Ellen Riis - principal at European Film College from February 1st 2018