19  October  2017

European Film College seeks new Principal

Nadia Kløvedal Reich, Principal at European Film College since 2014, wishes to move on to new challenges and is leaving the college by the end of the year.

‘European Film College, with its international profile and professionally high level, is an amazing school, which I have been immensely happy to lead and develop during the last 3-4 years. European Film College’s influence as a platform for talent development is acknowledged both nationally and internationally, and I look forward to seeing a dedicated person take over and carry on the important work,’ Nadia Kløvedal Reich says.

Board Chairman Henning Camre, says:

‘Nadia Kløvedal Reich has obtained a very high professional level and a strong organisational structure at European Film College, and the board would have loved to see that carried on under the direction of Nadia. Her work has included development of the school’s curriculum, the recruitment of an international faculty, the building of a new student wing, improvement of the internal management structure and strengthening of the school’s international relations in connection with the 25th anniversary earlier this year. The board wishes to hire a new Principal, who can carry on this broadly-based development of the school with deep insight and great energy.’

The deadline for applying for the position as Principal at European Film College is november 9th at 9am. Starting January 1st or as soon as possible after that.

Read the full job posting here (in Danish).