07  September  2017

120 short films in five days

The new students at the European Film College engage in their very first film project as the week of The Five Obstructions takes place. In a span of only five days, the students will produce no less than 120 short films together.

'Quiet on set.... And ACTION!' With a goal of 120 short films in five days, you hear those famous words shouted out quite a lot at the European Film College these days. Only one week into the 8,5 months programme, students are already engaging in their first film project, 'The Five Obstructions'.

Each day, for five days, the students at the European Film College are divided into new film crews with new crew roles, and each day they are given a new technical or creative obstruction and a storyline prompt. The result is 24 1-minute short films per day for five days – 120 films all together!

Introduction to creative filmmaking – and each other
The purpose of The Five Obstructions, besides the students getting to know each other, is to give them a chance to briefly touch each major field of filmmaking, before they enter the first course period. It is also to teach them how setting limitations, prompts and obstructions for yourself can guide you towards finding great stories - and better ways of telling them.

Examples of obstructions that the students may be given are: 'Beginning, Middle and End', ‘Off-screen sound’, 'Creative Documentary', or 'No dialogue'. Every day the students get crash courses in the most important things such as writing, camera, sound, studio use etc. They will edit directly on the cameras, and every evening the 24 films are screened in the school’s big cinema, Big Bear.

First course period
After The Five Obstructions, which will continue until Friday this week, the students will enter their first course period with 5-week courses in camera, screenwriting, sound, producing, editing, acting, directing, creative documentary and lighting.

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