31  August  2017

European Film College welcomes 120 new students

Monday afternoon the European Film College welcomed the 120 students who will be attending the 2017-18 film foundation programme. This year counts 27 different nationalities!

It’s always a big day when 120 new hopeful film students embark on their new journey as film students at the European Film College. Monday afternoon the class of 2018 entered the college, gathering from all corners of the world - no less than 27 different nationalities this year, including Canada, Austria, Iceland, USA, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Ghana, and Mexico!

Intro Week
This week is Intro Week at the college, where the students are informed about everything going on at the college in terms of courses, screenings, projects and everyday life. During this week the students and staff will also spend a lot of time getting to know each other, and the Intro Week will end with a big party on Friday.

Next week students will already engang in their first film project as The Five Obstructions will take place.